Photo Gallery: Real Gems from Morphy Auction’s Fine Gun Sale

Photo Gallery: Real Gems from Morphy Auction’s Fine Gun Sale

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There is only one way to describe the firearms market as of late — red hot. Shooters and enthusiasts of every stripe have been snapping up every conceivable make and model of shotgun, handgun and rifle in recent years.

But it has not just been the newest and shiniest guns that have buyers cracking open their wallets and purses. Vintage firearms boasting a fine patina and historical significance have also been corning the market. One need not look further than Morphy Auctions for proof.

The Pennsylvania auction house had an impressive haul at its April 9-10 fine firearms sale. Morphy reported moving 1,500 lots in the two-day event, which propelled more than $1.8 million in sales. And it wasn’t just the company’s volume that raked in the dough, but also the desirability of the guns that crossed the block.

When the smoked cleared, the auction house had 19 lots that moved for $5,000-9,999, 11 for $10,000-19,999 and one topping $20,000. The belle of the ball turned out to be a firearm familiar to many sportsmen — a Browning Superposed Over/Under Shotgun. The 20-gauge achieved a price of $23,180 at the auction, its appeal driven by its rarity and mint-in-box condition.

Here is a look at that superb smoothbore and few of the other firearms that highlighted Morphy Auction’s sale.



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