Taking A Spin With The Limited Edition Korth Mongoose Silver

Taking A Spin With The Limited Edition Korth Mongoose Silver

Korth Mongoose Silver 2

A luxury revolver, the stunning Korth Mongoose Silver has the look and performance to match its price tag.

What Sets the Mongoose Silver Apart From Other .357 Magnums:

  • Defining DTC silver coating on all metal parts.
  • Available cylinder upgrade makes it compatible with 9mm Luger.
  • Extremely strong frame makes it among the strongest revolvers on the market.
  • Superb fit and finish thanks to Korth's one-at-at-time manufacturing standard.
  • Extremely limited run of the revolver adds to its exclusivity.

For the land of the 9mm Luger and some outright classic semi-auto pistols, Germany sure has a knack with revolvers. Case in point, Korth Waffen. Some chalk Korth revolvers as the best to ever come down the pike. Certainly, its handguns are priced that way.

The Teutonic titan of high-class wheelguns has upped the ante with its newest creation. A slicked-up version of its classic .357 Magnum Mongoose, the Korth Mongoose Silver adds BBQ good looks to high performance in what might be described as the total package. And, of course, along with the aesthetics comes a premium price tag of (a second to clutch your wallet) $5,199. Try to sneak that purchase under your significant other’s nose.

Korth Waffen is becoming a more common brand stateside, with the German manufacturer’s partnership with Blackhawk Custom. Since 2016, the American custom 1911 maker has offered a healthy selection of Korth revolvers on its site, including classics such as the Sky Hawk, Mongoose and Super Sport. All the revolvers are made in Germany, adhering to Korth’s stringent one-at-a-time manufacturing standards, but with input from Blackhawk. Across the board, it’s been limited to .357 Magnum options, though the German gunmaker does offer other calibers to its European customers.

As to the latest release, the Korth Mongoose Silver is a limited edition with a small production run planned. Much of this has to do with the manufacturing process, which entails extra steps over and above a run-of-the-mill Mongoose. In particular, the additional polishing is required on every surface that receives the gun's defining semi-gloss silver diamond-like coating (DTC). More than turning heads, the unique DTC also improves the longevity of the Mongoose Silver, reducing corrosion and general wear.

Korth Mongoose Silver 4

Beautifully designed, the revolver features a full-length round underlug, a full-length serrated top strap (reducing glare) and a set of high-grade Turkish Walnut grips complete with finger grooves. The Korth Mongoose Silver wears a fully adjustable target rear sight and gold bead front. And it is offered with a uniquely Korth feature (an additional purchase), an extra cylinder so it can shoot 9mm Luger. Clipless, the cylinder makes the revolver a triple threat—.357 Magnum, .38 Special and 9mm.

Both 4- and 6-inch barreled versions of the revolver are slated, though at present only the larger model is available on the Blackhawk website. For its size, the revolver is light, weighing in at 34 ounces. The model measures in at just over 6-inches tall and 11.5-inches in overall length.

Certainly, the Korth Mongoose Silver is a status revolver with a price tag to match. But, if you have the money to afford it, the .357 will most definitely turn heads.

For more information on the Korth Mongoose Silver, please visit nighthawkcustom.com.

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