First Look: Sig Sauer 10mm P320-XTEN

First Look: Sig Sauer 10mm P320-XTEN

Sig Sauer has just announced the P320-XTEN, a 10mm P320 pistol with an optics-ready slide and 15-round capacity.

The Sig Sauer P320 has been a very popular handgun ever since it was selected as the U.S. Army’s new service pistol in 2017. While Americans have always loved owning their own version of the military’s sidearm, not everyone feels adequately equipped with a 9mm pistol. For those who need their handgun cartridge to provide “performance to the power of 10,” Sig has just announced the 10mm P320-XTEN.

Sig 10mm P320

Frankly, the new caliber option is the biggest change between the P320-XTEN and previously existing P320 models. Many other P320s were already offered with optics-ready slides, flat-faced triggers, night sights and other features that are present on the P320-XTEN, but until now they were only available in 9mm with the exception of one .45 ACP model. Built using the new XSERIES 10mm/.45 ACP grip module, the P320-XTEN will likely only be the first 10mm P320 model to be introduced. This one is full-sized with a 5-inch bull barrel and 15-round capacity, but the eventual release of a compact carry model would not be surprising.

Sig Sauer P320XTEN

Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Commercial Sales at Sig Sauer, said this on the new 10mm P320:

The P320-XTEN is the most powerful P320 SIG has ever built combining the features of our XSERIES models with the punch of the 10mm round. The superiority of this pistol begins with the all new XSERIES grip module, designed specifically for 10mm and 45 AUTO calibers, featuring the XSERIES deep trigger undercut, extended beavertail, and aggressive stippling for a high grip making recoil easier to manage,

Sig 10mm P320 left

The P320-XTEN is optimized for use with the Sig Sauer ROMEO2 red dot sight and each pistol will ship with two 15-round magazines. MSRP is not yet available.

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