First Look: Wilson Combat WCP365

First Look: Wilson Combat WCP365

Wilson Combat recently announced the WCP365, the company’s modified take on the Sig Sauer P365 carry pistol.

Since it was released, the Sig Sauer P365 has become a supremely popular concealed carry pistol, and many people obviously think it’s very good as it is. Always believing that there’s room for improvement, however, Wilson Combat decided to put its own spin on the gun with the release of the WCP365. Wilson Combat is offering a total of 16 configurations of the new pistol.


Regardless of which version you get, there are some features and upgrades that all models share. Starting with a Sig Sauer P365 fire control unit, Wilson Combat drops it into one of its polymer grip modules. Users have a choice between standard and XL grip sizes. Next, a Wilson Combat WCP365 stainless steel slide and 3.1-inch chromoly barrel are installed, both featuring a very protective black DLC finish. The slide’s shape has also been re-engineered and has X-Tac front and rear slide serrations. All versions include a Wilson Combat rear battlesight and red fiber optic front sight, but the slides can be ordered with various patterns of optic cuts too (available footprint patterns currently include Holosun 407K, RMRcc and RMSc).


The WCP365 can also be ordered with either a standard or a tuned action, although it sounds like even the standard version is an upgrade over the factory Sig offering. The standard WCP365s come with curved Grayguns triggers and modified springs, while the action-tuned models come with straight triggers and supposedly provide “the best trigger pull possible” due to further modifications.


At the time of writing, only standard-size grip modules are available and only in black, but XL modules and other colors will eventually be offered as well. All the standard WCP365 pistols will ship with two 10-round magazines and the XL versions will come with two 12-round mags. MSRPs start at $1,105 and go up depending on options.

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