Best Millimeter Is Back: The S&W 10mm M&P 2.0

Best Millimeter Is Back: The S&W 10mm M&P 2.0

Smith & Wesson has just unexpectedly released a 10mm M&P 2.0, helping to keep the cartridge relevant and providing a new powerful carry option for those that seek it.

Made famous by the FBI's adoption of the caliber following the Miami-Dade shootout in 1986, 10mm Auto has been contentious since the beginning. Many deemed it too powerful for the average shooter to realistically control, but others were impressed by its ballistic performance and were quick to adopt it as their primary handgun caliber. 10mm may have never fully caught on, but it never really died out either. Helping to keep it from falling by the wayside, Smith & Wesson have just released a 10mm M&P 2.0. As one of the most popular pistol platforms in the country, the M&P is already very familiar to many concealed carriers and law enforcement alike, so the addition of a 10mm chambering to the lineup will be very welcome to those seeking a bit more stopping power from their sidearm.

10mm MP feature

The 10mm M&P 2.0 is available in a few different configurations. It can come either with or without a manual safety and with either a 4-inch or 4.6-inch-long barrel, making a total of 4 models to choose from. All 10mm M&P models are also optics-ready and come standard with suppressor height sights. The trigger has also been redesigned into a flat-face style with the intention of providing a more consistent pull for more accurate shooting. Like all M&P pistols, the ergonomic grip inserts are interchangeable as well.

10mm MP optics ready

With a magazine capacity of 15 rounds, the 10mm M&P can pack quite a bit of firepower in a pretty compact package. Between the choices in barrel length and the ability to mount a red dot sight straight from the factory, the 10mm M&P could make for both a fine CCW piece or duty gun. MSRP starts at $654 and it’s available now.

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Editor's Note: When originally published this article contained a mistake regarding when 10mm Auto was introduced. Thank you to the reader who helped remind the author that the cartridge was developed before being made famous by the FBI's adoption of it in 1989. The incorrect information has been removed.

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  1. Ok S&W make a 10mm- good. But why the barrel is so short ? I want this gun whis a 5,5 or 6 inch barrel and im not the only one. And the gun must be strong enought for high pressure ammo !
    So this is my view

  2. I was wondering when the company that tried to kill the 10mm with a “Short & Weak” version of it would try to capitalize on it! I suppose with the $1B year they had in 2020, they thought it’d be worth the gamble. I own SEVERAL 10’s and look forward to picking one of these up second hand (hardly shot) from an ill-informed novice pistol owner/shooter! Unlike Colion Noir, I know how to shoot all of mine

    • Who wrote this? The 10mm was made a few years before the shootout by Jeff Cooper and Norma. Opening statement is factually false, can you even trust the rest of the article?

      • Thank you very much for pointing that out Steven, we always strive for factual accuracy at Gun Digest and the mistake has been corrected. The cartridge’s history is so tied to the FBI’s adoption of it in my mind that I completely forgot it was developed before then, but who could forget the Bren Ten? Time to catch up on my Miami Vice…


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