Top Long-Range Shooting Gear To Get On Target (2020)


Find out what new long-range shooting gear former Marine sniper Frank Galli thinks is worth investing your hard-earned money.

What Are The Top Long-Range Shooting Picks:

A quality precision rifle and dialed in match ammunition are only the start to consistently shooting a country mile. There is a load of long-range shooting gear worth dropping serious money on if your goal is stretching the limits of your marksmanship. Former Marine sniper and legendary long-range shooting instructor Frank Galli gives you his top picks for optics, rangefinders and other key tools from the past year. You’ll still have to put in the work, but these instruments will give you a leg up in hitting the mark.

Optics System: Newcon Optik LRF Spotter Pro & LRM3500M


Newcon Optik is a Canadian laser rangefinder company that’s been around for many years, and it’s a top choice of GDTM long-range expert Frank Galli. The LRF Spotter Pro has a powerful, 1550nm laser, capable of ranging targets to 4,500m. Featuring a mil-based reticle, the Spotter Pro is a great single source for both spotting and ranging. It’s fast and accurate—and the biggest benefit is that this one device does it all. The LRM3500M is a handheld monocular unit that features a very capable 1550nm laser, giving the end user 3,500m or more of ranging. This unit is comparable to the much more expensive PLRF25c from Vectronix. Newcon Optik lasers are highly capable and will soon feature a companion app that controls the devices much in the same way as the Vectronix Terrapin X. This product is top-notch (… but so is its price tag).
MSRP: LRF Spotter Pro $7,500; LRM 3500M $5,600,

Rifle Chassis: MDT ACC Chassis


The MDT ACC chassis is quickly becoming the go-to system for the tactical competition shooter. Attend a match, and you’ll immediately see the benefit of the MDT platform. There are user-added weights, so you can make the system as light or heavy as necessary. It features a built-in Arca rail system, M-Lok connection points and an adjustable skeletonized stock. MDT also has more mounting options by supporting a wide range of actions—Remington, Tikka and Savage, to name a few.
MSRP: $999,

Get On Target With Frank Galli:

Rangefinder: Vectronix Terrapin X


Years ago, the best 2,000m rangefinder on the market at the best price possible was the Vectronix PLRF05. This unit ranged better than 2,000m for $1,995. Unfortunately, this unit was discontinued. Last year, Vectronix introduced the Terrapin X as a replacement for the PLRF05. The Terrapin X is a 2,000m laser rangefinder that adds in a bunch of new features. This unit isn’t tied to any particular software package; instead, it links to devices such as the Kestrel 5700. The Terrapin X has a great companion app that can control the device remotely. Each new update adds more app connectivity, which allows the user to include range, direction and angle in their ballistic software. If you want a solid rangefinder that gives you 2,000m capabilities, consider the Terrapin X.
MSRP: $1,800,

Riflescope: Gunwerks Revic

Gunwerks Revic 1 A

Gunwerks is not a new company, but its crossover products are rapidly making names for themselves. Its Revic Scope line is no exception. As reported by Frank Galli, the Ballistic software used inside the scope is fantastic. Controlled via the companion app or inside the scope itself, the Revic gets the job done in both mils and MOA. The scope can work in the chosen unit of adjustment or via the range to the target. Just dial the turrets until the HUD reads out the range, and you’re all set to take the shot.
MSRP: PMR 428 Smart Scope $2,700,

The article originally appeared in the December 2019 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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