Video: The Spike Camp From Boyds Gunstocks

Video: The Spike Camp From Boyds Gunstocks

Lightweight, rugged and affordable, the Spike Camp from Boyds Gunstocks is set for your next backcountry hunt.

All that glitters is not gold. The age-old advice is as sound now as it ever was, but hard to keep at the front of your mind when blinded by wave after wave of new gun gear. Certainly, while some of that stuff might aid a shot hitting the mark, much of it is marginal at best, useless at worst and in either case adds unneeded complexity to your shooting system.

For many shooters, this is why Boyds Gunstocks continues to shine. Rifle or shotgun, the South Dakota company’s stocks legitimately up the accuracy potential of your firearm and are drop-in easy to install. At the same tick, the upgrade is about as simple as they come. No bells. No whistles. Just performance.

Boyds Gunstocks hasn’t veered from this winning formula in 2020, introducing an unassuming option certain to improve any rifle’s accuracy potential. Developed with backcountry hunters in mind, the Spike Camp not only provides a rigid platform for any barreled action, but the thumbhole stock is also nearly carbon-fiber light. 2.5 pounds is all you add to a rifle, impressive given—like all Boyds’ options—it’s constructed of wood laminate. But the rugged material facilitates the stock’s featherweight, allowing the company to shave down sections, while not losing strength.

Boyds Spike Camp

In addition to a thumbhole, he Spike Camp system boasts as a Monte Carlo profile for a proper cheek weld, sling swivels fore and aft and a 13.5-inch length of pull to fit most adults. Additionally, the stock free-floats the barrel, ensuring pristine harmonics, thus improving repeatable accuracy. Like Boyds’ other wares, the Spike Camp is custom made for each make and model of gun and hits your doorstep around two weeks after ordering.

What could be simpler?

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