Video: Armalite AR-10A at SHOT Show 2012


Armalite shows off its new AR-10 “A” family of rifles, which now accept third-party mags, including Mag-Pul PMAGS.

To see more photos and a full review of Armalite's new AR10A rifles Click Here.

To learn more about Armalite Click Here.

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  1. I have an AR10 clone lower and the 20 round magpul PMag’s detent/recess/pocket doesn’t quite reach the mag well’s (male) protrusion, so you’ve 2 options: move the mag’s pocket/recess upward with flat end mill (then fill in the old void), or you can take material off the frontal portion of the mag (dremel rotary tool or sandpaper) that first touches the receiver’s magwell bottom front edge. I’m going to do the latter.


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