A Great Summertime Concealed Carry Holster

A Great Summertime Concealed Carry Holster
The VersaCarry concealed carry holster is perfect for summer use.
The VersaCarry concealed carry holster is perfect for summer use under light clothing.

As the weather warms across the country, and we are hoping that will be very soon here in Wisconsin, concealment garments tend to get small and lighter. That means hiding your concealed carry handgun can be more of a challenge. A new product on the market called VersaCarry can help keep your gun hidden and secure, yet this little concealed carry holster also provided easy access.

The VersaCarry is basically a J-hook of polymer that hangs over your belt and places the pistol inside the waistband. What holds the pistol in place is a polymer rod anchored to a flat platform. You push the muzzle down over the rod and the waist band and belt hold the pistol in place. The latest version offers a bit of an upgrade from the original, which I first saw about six months ago. The new version includes a plastic shield covering the trigger area of the pistol. What the shield does is insure that you can't get your finger inside the trigger guard until the polymer rod has cleared the muzzle.

This is where some folks might have and issue with the VersaCarry. All our lives we have been told to never plug the muzzle of the firearm for fear of catastrophic failure. now this holster puts a 2-inch plastic dowel right in the path of your bullet. For their part, the VersaCarry folks have plastered warnings all over the packaging telling buyers: Warning. Do not use this product to carry any handgun with a live round in the chamber.  I assume product liability laws require that you make rules to protect the idiots of the world. You judge for yourself.

The VersaCarry proved to be easy to set up, ambidextrous and very easy and comfortable to carry. The model I have is designed for a .380 with a 2.75-inch barrel. The upside is this little clip removes 75 percent of the weight and bulk from a holster. The downside is there is no easy way to reholster the pistol. You have to start with the VersaCarry in one hand and the pistol in the other.  Fit the pistol to the clip and insert it into your waistband as a unit. But really, if you have to draw your pistol you won't be in a hurry to reholster until you are sure the threat is gone. When the threat is gone, you can lift the clip off your belt, put your pistol back in place and return it.

VersaCarry holds your concealed carry handgun tightly on your belt to be covered by even a light shirt.

I think the VersaCarry will be great for anyone with a small auto, carried IWB with summer clothes.


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