What's the best gun in a fight?


You hear that a lot. And there is only one answer. The best gun to have in a gunfight is the one you have when the gunfight starts. Most exchanges of gunfire last less than five seconds. You won't have time to go get a gun and if you do go get one the authorities like to call that “premeditation.” So the short answer is to find a gun that fits your hand and your carry style, functions perfectly every time and can shoot “minute of bad guy” at a range of 15 feet. To be more specific about the accuracy requirements, I want, at the bare minimum, all the bullets to fall somewhere between the nipples and the navel at 15 feet. That s a functional fighting handgun. Yes you can do better, but you don't always need to.Remember the first rule of a gunfight: Have a gun.And remember Grandpa's corollary: Beware the man with just one gun… he very likely knows how to use it.Long and short: Shop for a gun you like and practice with it until you are confident in your abilities.For more information on great guns, check out www.gundigeststore.com


  1. Corey’s Corollary: If you still can’t decide which defensive handgun to buy, you won’t go wrong with a Glock 22 (.40 S&W). Every beginning shooter I have taught on this pistol has shot it well and has ended up wanting one. Proven in the law enforcement arena on the streets, it’s a “sleeper.”


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