Don't believe the hype…


Right now the media is trying to make a big deal that the cowardly Ft. Hood shooter used an FH FiveseveN pistol in his attack. Apparently unnamed federal law enforcement agents call this gun “The Cop Killer”… Talk about a load of BS. This pistol had nothing to do with this attack. Nothing.The basis for this attack was that the shooter was a Muslim who felt more loyalty to his religion than to his nation and his fellow soldiers. And unfortunately his religion directs him to kill those who don't believe as he does. His actions were motivated by religion and nothing more and those who deny this, deny the truth.What kind of religion advocates the murder of others as a religious requirement? Islam. That's the truth.Apply Occam's Razor to this situation and see what you get.It wasn't the FiveseveN that killed these soldiers. It was that coward's blind belief that it would be better to kill American soldiers than to stand up and proclaim that he was opposed to the war on fellow Muslims and simply would not participate…but he did participate in the war… on the wrong side and in classic Muslim fashion of attacking those who could not fight back.


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