First Look: Dead Air Silencers Mojave 9

Dead Air Silencers has recently announced the Mojave 9, a new 9mm suppressor with an innovative new baffle design.

Pass The Turkey: Canik 9mm Handgun Line Review

A review of the Turkish company Canik’s line of inexpensive and exceptional 9mm pistols.
Range Bag

Best Range Bags For Rifles, Pistols And More

If you’re still hauling your gear around in an old gym duffel, it may be time to consider getting a proper range bag.

First Look: Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18×44 FFP Riflescope

Vortex’s new Strike Eagle 3-18x44 FFP riflescope is bringing a lot of capability for a very affordable price.
Infinity Classic feature

Custom Is As Custom Does: Infinity Single Stack Review

This custom single stack Infinity 1911 in .40 S&W helps prove that one-of-a-kind never goes out of style.

The .300 Win. Mag. Ammo Buyer's Guide

.300 Win. Mag. ammo outclassed many competitors upon release, but how does its performance hold up today?
youtube feature

YouTube Censorship: Losing The Battle For 1A & 2A

YouTube makes another push to ban firearms from their platform. Why is it happening? What can we do about it?

First Look: Remington Ammunition 2023 Product Lineup

Here’s a look at the new loads that Remington Ammunition is adding to its product lineup for 2023.
Geissele Super Duty feature

Geissele Super Duty Review: Pulling Major G-Force

A closer look at Geissele’s complete (almost) Super Duty system.

Grip It And Rip It: AR Charging Handle Buyer's Guide

Looking to upgrade your carbine’s ergonomics without breaking the bank? Here are some of the best AR charging handles on the market.
holosun-dms-thermal-night-vision-prototype-red-dot-optic-gun-shot-2023-3 copy

SHOT Show 2023: Holosun Thermal And Night Vision Red Dots

The new Holosun DRS-TH and DRS-NV optics feature an AEMS-style red dot with a secondary thermal or digital night vision overlay function.

JP Enterprises JP-5 Review

PCCs are only getting more popular, so here’s a more in-depth look at the JP Enterprises JP-5 roller-delayed blowback 9mm.
SHOT Show 2022 feature

SHOT Show 2023: The Good, The New And The Interesting

SHOT Show 2023 has come and gone, so here’s a look at what stood out the most to the Gun Digest digital team during our time walking the show floor.

One Double-Ought Six: Smith & Wesson 1006 Review

An in-depth look at the mighty Smith & Wesson 1006 in 10mm Auto.