LevAR feature

The Malfunction-Clearing LevAR Charging Handle From Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory’s new LevAR charging handle doubles as a stuck case extractor, keeping your gun running without any extra tools.

Christensen Arms Releases Ridgeline Scout Rifle

Christensen Arms has just given their Ridgeline rifle the Jeff Cooper treatment with the new Ridgeline Scout.
Russian ammo feature

PSA Tooling Up For Domestic Steel-Cased Ammo Production

Palmetto State Armory is working to begin domestic production of steel-cased Soviet calibers, set to help offset the Russian ammo ban with hopes to be fully operational by 2023.
Beretta tomcat feature

Beretta’s Feline Family Of Pocket Pistols

Smaller than their Cheetahs, but with more bite than a housecat, the Beretta Tomcat and Bobcat can still make for good backup guns.
Crime Scene

Stop A Crime In Progress … Think Again Armed Citizen

Best intentions might spur you into action, but the potential legal ramifications of trying to stop a crime in progress should give pause.
Cimarron 1897 trench gun

Cimarron Announces 1897 Trench Gun Replica Is In The Works

Cimarron Announces 1897 Trench Gun Replica Is In The Works Cimarron Firearms, known for their replicas of classic American guns, have begun working on their next project: the 1897 Trench Gun.
Arrowhead tactical feature

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel: Comfortable Concealed Carry

The concept of “dressing around your gun” is disappearing as companies like Arrowhead Tactical introduce clothing that allows you to carry concealed without sacrificing comfort.
Carry Caliber 357 Sig Hornady

5 Unconventional Calibers For Concealed Carry

When the gun store ammo shelves go bare, these five unconventional concealed carry calibers still keep you shooting.
FAL 5 feature

The Top 5 Most Common FAL Rifles

“SLR”, “L1A1”, “right arm of the free world”, the FN FAL has had many names and even more variants, but here are the five most common examples you’ll likely find spread throughout the world.
XS Sights hellcat feature

XS Night Sights Now Available For Springfield Hellcat OSP

XS Sights have just expanded their popular night sight line to include the Springfield Hellcat OSP, giving you an edge in any lighting condition.
G3 buyers guide feature

What To Know When Buying A G3

Everything you need to know about buying, modifying and owning an H&K G3 rifle in the current gun market.

SilencerCo Launches The Hybrid 46M Big Bore Suppressor

SilencerCo’s newest suppressor, the Hybrid 46M, brings modularity to their already incredibly versatile design and is ready to be thrown on just about any centerfire gun.
Handi Racker 1

Handi-Racker: Lending A Third Hand

Design to aid in racking a semi-auto pistol's slide, the Handi-Racker puts the style of handgun within reach of everyone.
H35 Nighthunter feature

Steiner Releases H35 Nighthunter Handheld Thermal Monocular

Durable and capable of producing crisp images on the darkest of nights, the Steiner H35 Nighthunter lives up to its name.