Hands On! The Best Gun Cleaning Kit


The Otis gun cleaning system is simply the best gun cleaning kit in the world. now Otis is offering something for the most popular calibers and weapons in the world. The 85211 tool set is designed to clean and maintain law enforcement pistols and sub guns 9MM through .45 caliber, .223 Cal./5.56MM & .308 Cal./7.62MM rifles. The Otis patch savers give you 360-degree coverage in your 12-gauge shotgun bores.

This weapons maintenance system provides you the necessary tools to completely break down and clean some of the most critical parts of your firearm. The Memory-Flex® cleaning rods, solid brass slotted tips, 100 percent cotton cleaning patches, bore brushes and the all-in-one cleaner, lubricant and preservative allow you to quickly clean the receiver, chamber, neck and bore.

Also with these components, you can easily strip the copper, carbon and other residue from in the barrel. The brass obstruction removers are used to knock out bore obstructions and stuck cases. The components from the brass scraper tool set are specifically designed to clean the hard to reach areas of your firearm. The brass scraper helps to clean carbon deposits from flat surfaces such as the bolt face and rails.

The handy picks are engineered to clean the locking lugs, while the pin punch can be used to remove pins from any firearm held together with a pin system. The end brush is used to remove carbon and to lubricate the slides. The male and female rod handles can attach to any of the brass scraper components to increase their length.

Everything is neatly packed in an 11-ounce pocket-sized soft pack case.

To get your hands on a this great Otis cleaning system check out www.otisgun.com.


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