AR-15 Crisis: Demand Outpaces Supply on Tactical Guns


At the 2009 SHOT Show — held January 14-19 in Orlando, Florida — the most common topic of conversation was the strength of the AR-15 market. And strength is an understatement.

AR-15s, parts, accessories, magazines and even .223 and 5.56 NATO are selling at rates never before seen. Distributors are selling guns as fast as they can get them in the door.

Manufacturers of all of these products are taking so many orders the production backlogs are in some cases being measured in months. But for those with the foresight to have planned these are the best of times. It seems everyone wants an AR-15 and lots of people want two or more. Now is the time to buy. Supplies continue to dwindle and prices are sure to go up.

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