Hands On! Laserlyte Makes Rails for Your Shotgun

If you want to add a light to your shotgun, you can get all crazy with huge, bulky rails, or you can get the Tri-Mounting system from Laserlyte for about $25.
This little unit will let you set your tactical or home-defense shotgun for maximum versatility and low-light performance.

Lightweight and durable, this system positions three Picatinny rails at the front end of the shotgun, where flashlights or lasers are best located.


Easily mounted on the magazine tube of most popular 12-gauge pump shotguns, the Tri-Rail takes up less than 1.5 inches ahead of the forearm.
Made of tough aircraft-grade aluminum with a matte-black anodized finish, the Tri-Rail attaches in minutes with two machine screws and provides a rock-solid attachment point for many accessories.

Best, the unit practically disappears when you remove the accessories. The rails don't get in your way when you don't need them.


To get your hands on a Laserlyte Tri-Mounting system, check out www.laserlyte.com.

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