Hands On! Safariland RLS Lights Up the Night


It seems everyone has a weapon-mounted light on the market these days.

However, Safariland has come up with something really innovative. The Rapid Light System is a locking light mount that’s quick and easy to attach and detach to any firearm with an accessory rail. It even lets you use any other brand of hand-held light, provided the body diameter is .970 to 1.06 inches.

For a suggested retail price of about $90, you get a professional-quality hand-held light and gun-mounted light in one.

You can clip it to your belt, hold it in your hand or quickly mount it to your gun for an instant tactical advantage. There’s no need to buy an expensive holster.

The unit is also ambidextrous and comes with a super-bright LED that puts out 65 lumens. Three AAA batteries provide power for more than 50 hours of use, and the light comes with an integral clip for easy attachment to a belt or garment, eliminating the need for a dedicated light-mount holster.

Finally, the RLS quickly transitions from service as a standard flashlight or weapon-mounted light, meaning there’s no need to search an area with a “loaded flashlight” unless the situation dictates it. To learn more about the Safariland RLS, check out www.safariland.com.

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