SIG SAUER MODX-45 Pistol Suppressor

SIG SAUER MODX-45 Pistol Suppressor

Sig Sauer’s newest suppressor, the MODX-45, brings modularity alongside durability.

MODX-45 Spec Ranges:

  • Length: 3.25-9.25 inches
  • Weight: 5-9oz
  • Noise: 133-149dB

Constructed from seven 3D-printed titanium baffles, the MODX-45 utilizes the latest 3D-printing technology to make this new .45 ACP suppressor as light as it is strong.

MODX-45 Suppressor on 1911, profile
MODX-45 Suppressor on a Sig Sauer 1911

Sig Sauer took the same concepts that made their previous MODX-9 popular and scaled the design up for the .45 ACP cartridge, making this a perfect match for a Sig 1911, P220, or any other .45 with an appropriately threaded barrel.

The modular nature of Sig’s segmented, 3D-printed cans allow for the shooter to easily and quickly trade compactness for quietness. With the included tool, the titanium baffle segments can be added or removed to bring the silencer from 3.25 inches to 9.25 inches, lowering the decibel level from 149dB to 133dB with an additional seven points of variation in between.

MODX-45 full range of adjustment.

For Pistols Or PCCs

Suppressed pistol caliber carbines have grown in popularity as both range toys and serious self-defense weapons in recent years. The previously released MODX-9 seems like such a great match for Sig’s own MCX 9mm carbine that I can’t help but wonder if they will ever release a .45 variant MCX to pair with the new MODX-45. As it is a naturally subsonic round, .45 remains a popular choice to suppress regardless of the platform.

Not everyone believes that the added modularity is beneficial, however. Time will tell if cans with adjustable lengths will become the norm, or if they will one day become a forgotten trend replaced by suppressors of more monolithic construction.

The MODX-45 has an MSRP of $1000

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