Bushmaster Muta Suppressors: The BM30 And BM556


Bushmaster has announced their entry into the suppressor game with the release of their new Muta BM30 and BM556.

Bushmaster Firearms sells AR-15s and AR-15 accessories, but their lineup just got a whole lot more interesting. With more people buying NFA items than ever before, Bushmaster picked a good time to delve into the suppressor game. The new Muta line of suppressors from Bushmaster include the BM30 and BM556 which are .30 caliber and 5.56-rated cans, respectively. Competitively priced and made in America, the new Muta cans are ready to be thrown on an AR-10 or AR-15 to bring down the decibel level of any situation.


Bushmaster CEO Sam Naegele said that the company is always looking to expand its product line to better suit all of its customers. Since their list of customers includes both law enforcement and civilians, their new suppressors had to be ready to satisfy both groups as well. That’s why the new Muta suppressors are made from 17-4 H1150 stainless steel and finished with temperature-resistant Cerakote, making them extremely durable and rated for full-auto fire. Both Muta cans also include a removable end cap, facilitating easy cleaning and replacement.

Muta BM556
Muta BM556.

The Muta BM30 and BM556 are both direct-thread suppressors, but the .30 caliber model is threaded 5/8”-24 while the 5.56 can is threaded the expected ½”-28. The BM30 is 6.8-inches long and weighs 18.9 ounces while the BM556 is 6-inches long and 16.9 ounces in weight. Bushmaster claims to manufacture these new cans with extremely tight tolerances, eliminating concentricity issues while maintaining accuracy.

Muta BM30
Muta BM30.

MSRPs are $599.99 for the Muta BM30 and $499.99 for the BM556, making them a good economically priced option for anyone looking to put a muffler on their rifle.

For more information, please visit bushmaster.com.

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