Primary Arms ACSS Apollo .308/6.5GRN Reticle Now Available


Primary Arms’ new reticle, the ACSS Apollo .308/6.5GRN, features an advanced holdover system designed to make shooting out to a thousand yards as easy as can be.

A scope is only as good as its reticle, and unlike the barebones crosshairs typically used by snipers in movies, true marksmanship requires more information to achieve. That’s what makes Primary Arms’ new ACSS Apollo reticle such an enticing option for long-range shooters, as its advanced holdover system enables its user to make several important determinations and calculations without ever taking their eye off the scope.

ACSS Apollo

Creator of the ACSS Apollo reticle, Dimitri Mikroulis, had this to say about the new design:

The ACSS Apollo .308/6.5GRN reticle is a crossover DMR/precision reticle with a fast auto-ranging BDC and integrated wind holds…This reticle uses exact MIL/MIL firing solutions to match .308 Winchester and 6.5 Grendel cartridges.

ACSS Apollo reticle

The ACSS Apollo reticle design is more intuitive than that found on many other long-range optics. Its center chevron has BDC holdovers ranging from 300 to 1000 yards, as well as wind correction holdovers for crosswinds ranging from 5 to 20mph. These features combined with the built-in ranging ladder can allow its user to quickly and accurately adjust their hold. Primary Arms claims that with this reticle, any capable marksman can easily make good hits out to 1000 yards.

ACSS Apollo scope

The new reticle is currently only available in the Primary Arms SLx 3-18x50mm FFP scope, but it’s expected to be available in more models in the future as well. The SLx scope also includes a powerfully illuminated reticle capable of daytime use as well as Primary Arms’ standard lifetime warranty. With an MSRP of $479.99, the new ACSS Apollo SLx scope is a very competitively priced option for the features it includes. The intuitiveness of this new reticle design makes it a good choice for anyone looking to get into competitive long-range precision rifle shooting.

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