SHOT Show 2023 Day 4: TwoSee/XNihilo Optic Irons

SHOT Show 2023 Day 4: TwoSee/XNihilo Optic Irons

TwoSee/XNihilo, a new company on the block, had a very interesting product on display at SHOT Show 2023 called Optic Irons.

TwoSee, also known as XNihilo, is a small and relatively new company based in California. At SHOT Show 2023, however, the company was showing off a pretty big idea that I’m surprised I hadn’t seen being done before. Called Optic Irons, they are rear iron sights that can be directly attached to a pistol red dot to enable co-witnessing through the optic.

These prototype Optic Irons are not coated in anything, but the final product will be.

The Optic Irons will be available in a wide variety of different heights to enable co-witnessing with any combination of optic and handgun model. The sights mount using the same screw holes that attach the red dot to the slide, and the company claims that the solution has many benefits over red dots with integral sight channels.


Firstly, because it removes the need for a traditional slide-mounted rear sight, the design allows for the red dot to be mounted in the space that it typically occupies. Moving the optic farther back on the slide should make it faster to acquire the red dot. It also places the Optic Irons in a more protected location that helps prevent snagging. Also, because the Optic Irons attach via the same mounting screws as the red dot, it always places them perfectly centered and zeroed for windage.

This photo shows how much farther back a pistol red dot can be mounted on the slide when not using traditional rear iron sights.

These tiny pieces of metal require very precise machining to make, something that TwoSee/XNihilo is very familiar with as the company also offers some truly custom slide-milling work. If you want to see some of that, it will be featured in the March issue of Gun Digest. Otherwise, keep an eye out for Optics Irons hitting the market in a few months or less.

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