SHOT Show 2023 Range Day: Laugo Arms Creator Pistol

SHOT Show 2023 Range Day: Laugo Arms Creator Pistol

Laugo Arms of Alien fame has just announced the Creator pistol, a new variant of the Alien tailored specifically to the U.S. market.

When the Laugo Arms Alien pistol first hit U.S. shores in 2020, it definitely made waves. While the gun is priced out of most people’s reach, its design was too interesting and unique to go unnoticed. The pistol’s design is so radically different from any other handgun on Earth, Alien just may be the best name for it.

The original Alien (left) versus the new Laugo Creator (right).

In case you’re not familiar with what makes the original Laugo Alien special, it mostly comes down to four things. Firstly, the company advertises the pistol as having “the lowest bore axis in the world.” Secondly, it uses a gas piston delayed blowback action with a fixed barrel. Third, only the sides of the slide move, leaving the sights stationary while cycling. And lastly, the trigger is incredibly crisp (and adjustable too). Combined, all these features create one very accurate and low-recoiling handgun.


At its heart, Laugo’s new Creator pistol is the same as the Alien, but it has a few tweaks for the American market that will undoubtedly make it even more appealing. The most major update is that the grip angle has been altered to be closer to that of a 1911. The original Alien’s grip was much more Glock-like, and while this will likely come down to personal preference between shooters, for me the Creator pointed much more naturally. I had the opportunity to shoot both side-by-side today, and to me, the Creator felt like an improvement in every way. Another reason for this was the new modular grip which can be customized with several different options (front strap, back strap and cheeks).

When the Laugo Creator is released later in 2023, it will supposedly come in a package with enough grip options to suit any shooter. The magwell and top of the slide can be replaced with other styles as well. The Creator pistol’s pièce de resistance for the U.S. market is the inclusion of some American flags that help highlight the fact that this is an exclusive release.


This was my first time shooting either model and even though the original Alien impressed me, the Laugo Creator felt even better. While this is going to be a very expensive package (the current estimated MSRP is at least $6,500), those who can afford to buy one will see that it really does feel out of this world.

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  1. Both pistols are of a similar design akin to the H&K M7 & M8 squeeze-cocker pistols that H&K discontinued. Years ago. The new fangled “modularity“ & quick-change pistol caliber advantages in todays market makes the Alien & Creator pistols seem like dinosaurs.
    The factory fixed barrel-to-frame system means no easy barrel swap-out or improvement. The gas recoil system might work great until your round count surpasses a box of 50 & the Laugo pistol gets too hot to handle. Like the H&K did.
    And oh yeah, most Glocks have a low bore axis almost the same as these two offerings @ 1/7th the price……


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