Gear To Get: Wheelguns And Revolver Accessories

Gear To Get: Wheelguns And Revolver Accessories

Love the revolver? We gather up great wheelguns and gear to enhance them.

What Are The Top New Revolvers And Gear:

Few things rival the cold steel of a well-made revolver. While semi-auto pistols decidedly rule the roost today, they’ve yet to bury the good ol’ wheelgun. In this installment of Gear To Get, we’re looking at some of the top new wheelguns and accessories to enhance them. For certain, whether you’re looking for a tough-as-nails self-defense revolver or tuned gem to beat the clock in the match, you’ll find something here.

Ruger Custom Shop GP100 9mm

Revolver Ruger GP100

The Ruger Custom Shop has turned out some stunning upgraded models of shooter favorites. It might have outdone itself with the second GP100 to roll out of its workshop. A competitor’s delight, the 9mm wheelgun boasts the extras that should make it a bear in competition, including polished and optimized internals, a centering boss on the trigger and centering shims on the hammer. This trio produces a smooth-as-glass trigger pull and a break as crisp as thin ice. It features a load of other bells and whistles—from a triple-locking cylinder to the Super Redhawk’s action and Hogue hardwood grips. Ruger didn’t get fancy with how the eight-round 9mm loads, however; it stuck with what works: moon clips. MSRP: $1,549

Magnum Research 6-Round Short Cylinder BFR

1 Magnum Research

Magnum Research’s Big Frame Revolver (BFR) is power incarnate. The only thing small about this big-bore revolver is its capacity. Five rounds is the limit when loading up monsters such as the .500 Linebaugh and .45-70 Government. Tweaking the formula a tad for 2020, Magnum Research has added firepower to a revolver that already has the raw variety in spades. The BFR is now available with a six-round cylinder. But, there’s a catch: We’re talking about the short-cylinder .357 and .44 magnums. Nevertheless, it’s still a solid upgrade to a top-shelf handgun. And, besides its enhanced capacity, the revolver sports all the same perks of the previous models and is available with all of Magnum Research’s in-house upgrades MSRP: $1,302

Target Factory Flip-R-Spin Target

1 Target Factory

Punching paper gets a bit dry after a spell. Sooner or later, you want something with a bit more jump and action. The Target Factory has you covered with its Flip-R-Spin 3D target, designed for hours of casual shooting fun. Although the giant, 2.5-inch-diameter jack looks like a typical self-sealing ground target, it offers a whole bunch more. Hollow at the top and bottom, it can be strung vertically or horizontally with a rope as a first-rate spinner. Just as handy: The Flip-R-Spin is recyclable and meets new U.S. Forest Service target material restrictions. It’s perfect for your secret backwoods shooting spot. MSRP: $18.99

Expand Your Gear IQ:

Heritage Rough Rider Rancher Rimfire Revolver Carbine

Revolver Heritage

Generations ago, the lever-action bested the revolving rifle. But, just because the concept never truly caught on doesn’t mean it isn’t fascinating … and fun to shoot. Heritage Manufacturing makes one you can put in your saddle scabbard: the Rough Rider Rancher Carbine. A 16-inch-barreled .22 LR, it’s the perfect pick to rule the ranch or, at least, keep that “herd” of tin cans in order. Holding six rounds, this unique long gun offers respectable capacity and gets you on target quickly with adjustable buckhorn sights. Heritage throws in a leather sling, making this 4-pound, walnut-stocked carbine comfortable to carry and handy for any varmint work at hand. The Rough Rider Rancher will make a one-of-a-kind addition to any collection. MSRP: $297

Speed Beez OWB Minimalist

1 Speed Bee

Low-profile holsters typically add up to an option long on plastic and short on charm. If you’ve had enough of these hangers, Speed Beez has the antidote: the OWB Minimalist. Living up to its name, the Minimalist cuts a waif’s profile on your hip, keeping your J-frame revolver sight unseen—but always at hand. It’s handy, to boot, attaching to your belt via a single, thick leather loop that’s guaranteed not to sag or slant out, even after years of use. Custom hand molded from heavy, top-grain leather with excellent stitching, the holster is an eye-catcher, giving all the class you’d want from steer hide. Best of all, the Minimalist is priced so any wheelgun fan has an easy-to-conceal option. MSRP: $51

NoizeBarrier Micro Earplugs


Hearing protection and convenience aren’t always synonymous—particularly if you aim to guard your ear holes in the field. OTTO Engineering has gone a long way to erase the dividing line between these facets with its NoizeBarrier Micro Earplugs. Its enhanced hearing protection offers up to 40 dB of noise reduction while amplifying softer sounds by as much as five times. This makes these earplugs ideal for maintaining situational awareness while ensuring you don’t shoot out your hearing. Additionally, the plugs have an incredible battery life: 16 hours between chargings. Yes, they’re rechargeable, so there’s no fussing with battery changes. They’re shipped in an attractive and durable hard case. MSRP: $399

Chiappa Rhino Match Master 6

Revolver Chiappa Rino

Perhaps the most peculiar design in all “revolverdom,” there’s a method to the Chiappa Rhino’s appearance. Aligning the barrel to the bottom of the cylinder knocks the revolver’s bore axis down and, with it, its recoil. This terrific idea now makes its appearance in the competitive field. The .38 Special Match Master 6 is a match-ready version of the Chiappa icon, featuring several upgrades. In addition to its low bore axis, it has enlarged, adjustable sights for a sharp sight picture, a tuned trigger, an adjustable rubber trigger overtravel stop and improved Hogue grips similar to those found on precision shooting irons. Furthermore, for a 6-inch-barreled gun, it comes in at just 2.9 pounds, making it quick on target transitions. MSRP: $2,990

The article originally appeared in the August 2020 issues of Gun Digest the Magazine.


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