New Guns And Gear March 2022


Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these 7 new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.

The New Guns And Gear:

Ruger Birdshead Wrangler Revolvers

Ruger Wrangler
No collection is truly complete without a Single Action Army revolver of some sort. Ruger makes this classic style of pistol all the more affordable and shootable with the introduction of its Birdshead Wrangler. Compact and able to work with the revolver’s recoil, the style of grip picks up the .22 LR’s pace in skilled hands and cuts down on its profile. The aluminum-framed Wrangler is among the lightest weight option in its class, making the single-action an ideal companion for the woods. And its 3.75-inch barrel makes it quick out of leather and into the action. MSRP: $269

SnapSafe GlideVault

SnapSafe GlideVault
An often-overlooked aspect of custom or collectible firearms is where to store them. SnapSafe’s newest addition not only offers a secure method of keeping your gems under lock and key, but one with style and convenience built in. As its name suggests, the GlideVault offers smooth access to your gun, thanks to its spring-assisted slide-out drawer. A tempered-glass touchpad front gives it a futuristic appearance and an easy way to get at your treasures. And the 15.9×12.2×4.4-inch safe’s 16-gauge steel cable anchor and permanent attachment points endow its owner with peace of mind that nobody will just walk away with the prized possessions within. MSRP: $292

FN High Power

High Power
Seems 2022 marks the rebirth of John Browning’s legendary 9mm, and the latest in the Hi-Power game is also the one most linked with the pistol. FN unveiled its new High Power at SHOT Show 2022 to great fanfare. Why not? While staying true to the original design, the gunmaker also advanced it with some welcome updates such as enhanced capacity, grip ergonomics, ambidextrous controls and finish choices. Still, at the heart of the 4.7-inch-barreled heater is the design FN and Browning etched into the annals of the handgun greats. MSRP: $1,269

Marlin 1895 SBL

A new era is dawning upon Marlin. Purchased by Ruger after Remington Arms broke up, shooters have been anxiously awaiting the re-release of the iconic lever actions. The 1895 SBL (Stainless Steel Big Loop) is the first Marlin to hit the market under the Ruger umbrella. The quick of the rifle remains the same, machined stainless steel receiver and lever. But Ruger did tweak a few aspects of the rifle to improve its performance, such as fluting and nickel plating the bolt, adding a fiber optic/tritium front sight, ghost rear, full-length Picatinny optics rail and extended 19-inch barrel. Oh yeah, the muzzle is now threaded standard. The .45-70 Government behemoth is a nice start for the Ruger-Marlin era and whets the appetite to see what’s in store down the road. MSRP: $1,400

Remington Peters Paper Shotshells

Peters Shells
A nostalgic favorite of shooters of a certain vintage, paper shotshells have gone the way of the dodo. Or have they? If Remington has its way, they’ll be around for a while, with the storied ammunition company reintroducing Peters Paper Shotshells. Available in 12-gauge only at present, the retro shells offer the same classic look, feel and low-recoil performance generations of trap, skeet and sporting clays shooters have loved. Five different loads not only boast the vintage blue paper hull but also clean and reliable primers, carefully selected powder blends and high antimony shot for tight, uniform patterns on clay targets. To boot, they’re easy on the wallet. MSRP: $20 // box of 25

Diamondback Sidekick

Best known for its affordable AR rifle and striker-fired pistol options, Diamondback is going in a completely different direction in 2022. Who’s up for a rimfire revolver? You heard correctly, the Florida manufacturer’s Sidekick is a new entrant to the market, offering a very competitive price, along with a few extras to separate it from the pack. The most interesting aspect of the revolver is that it’s a double-action, breaking from the slew of singles that dominate the market. Additionally, it has a swing-out cylinder—interchangeable between a 9-shot .22 LR and 9-shot .22 WMR. Whatever the caliber, the revolver’s 4.5-inch barrel and 32.5-ounce weight should make it extremely versatile. MSRP: $320

Sig Sauer Custom Works Pearl Harbor Commemorate 80th 1911s

Pearl Harbor 1911
It might’ve slipped some folk’s notice that this past December was the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It didn’t escape Sig Sauer. To commemorate, and in partnership with the Best Defense Foundation, the gunmaker commissioned its custom shop to create three one-of-a-kind 1911s in honor of the soldiers’ and sailors’ sacrifice. While the SAO triggers and gold Novak sights on the collection are nice, what catches the eye is the engraving. In addition to a motif of the overall Japanese attack, Sig also produced pistols commemorating the USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma—which were both sunk in the attack, taking with them large parts of their crews. Not only beautiful, these guns also stir respect for the sacrifice of the Greatest Generation. MSRP: N/A

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the March 2022 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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