Gallery: New Troy Industries AR Accessories for 2017


Troy 45 Degree Offset Delta 1 Sights

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In a team-up with the folks over at Gun Pro, Troy is now offering the highly popular Delta 1 Sights on its 45 Degree Offset Battle Sights. Gun Pro’s Delta 1 Sight provides the shooter with a simple, single-point alignment that translates into quicker acquisition and engagement. Because of its unique design, the shooter is able to spend less time trying to align the sights, which makes this a great option for 3-Gunners or those simply looking for a faster transition from far away targets to those at close range.

In an effort to continue advancing the AR platform, Troy Industries has brought out several new accessories for customizing the AR in 2017.

Although it's true that Troy Industries manufactures a number of innovative firearms, including its line of Pump-Action Rifles (PARs) – pump-action operated versions of the classic AR-15 carbine — the company is also a well-known and highly respected player in the AR accessory game. It's been making rail systems, stocks, back-up sights, muzzle devices and other accessories for some time now.

So, it's no surprise that for 2017 the manufacturer has brought out several new accessories and upgrades for fans of the AR platform. Above, we take a brief look at these new accessory options from Troy Industries.

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