First Look: Apex CZ P-10 Trigger Kit

First Look: Apex CZ P-10 Trigger Kit

Apex’s new CZ P-10 trigger kit can be configured for either the range or carry, giving you an edge in accuracy wherever you may need it.


Apex CZ P-10 Trigger Kit Features:

  • Easy, Drop-in installment.
  • Choice of a sub-4 pound or 5.5-pound trigger pull.
  • Doesn’t compromise safety.
  • MSRP: $104.95

The CZ P-10 has been a relatively popular concealed carry pistol since its introduction. Fans of the platform praised it for having an already nice trigger out of the box, but even the best striker-fired designs leave something to be desired for many shooters. For those looking to give their gun a lighter pull and a cleaner break, Apex’s new CZ P-10 trigger kit can help make it happen.

Apex CZ trigger kit

Trigger Options

Different tasks require different gear, and your pistol’s trigger is no different. Having as light of a trigger pull as possible can be nice at the range, but not everyone is brave enough to stick a chambered piece in their pants when it has a hair-trigger, especially when there’s no manual safety to speak of. While it’s generally considered safe practice to carry appendix with a good holster, negligent discharges have happened using this method. A heavier trigger decreases that risk. This is why Apex’s CZ P-10 trigger kit can be easily configured for either the range or your belt.

To achieve the lightest pull possible, the Apex kit’s trigger, disconnector and slide cover plate must all be installed. This combination of parts reduces the CZ P-10’s pull weight to below 4 pounds while also providing a smoother take-up and cleaner break. This configuration should help shooters maintain a steadier sight picture and grip while firing, and the trigger’s reduced over-travel should also aid competition shooters looking for faster splits. Because this kit uses no new springs, the upgrade shouldn’t result in any light primer strikes or reliability issues. The alternative configuration of the CZ P-10 trigger kit is intended more for CCW or duty use. By retaining the use of the factory CZ disconnector the pull weight remains at about the stock 5.5 pounds, but the other Apex parts work to create a cleaner and more distinct break.

Apex CZ red trigger

The Apex CZ P-10 trigger kit can be dropped into the C, S or F variants of the 9mm P-10 for quick and easy installations. Note, however, this kit was designed to be used with the most recent generation of CZ trigger bars labeled as #19. If your P-10’s trigger bar is marked with a #16, #17 or #18 you will have to replace that component before installing this kit.

The black variant of the trigger is available for pre-order now with units beginning to ship August 17th. For competition shooters who like things flashy, a red version will eventually be released as well.

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  1. If you need to replace your trigger bar because the one you have is too old, good luck. CZ USA is not selling them. I called them and found that out.


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