Gun Digest’s Top 10 Gun Collecting Articles

Gun Digest’s Top 10 Gun Collecting Articles


Though Britain's line of Lee Magazine rifles reminded in service until after the Second World War, the basic system, as seen in this black-powder Lee-Metford, originated in Victorian times.

Gun collecting can be a tricky business; heck, nailing down gun values alone can fill volumes. is here to help with 10 of our best classic gun reviews, gun collecting and gun value articles of all time!

FN49Collectors Love The FN-49 Rifle (Our Most Popular Gun Collecting Article EVER!)

Phillip Peterson looks at the history and many varieties of the unique and collectable FN-49. This nifty semi-automatic doesn't get the press it should, that's for certain. Read More


Russian TT-33 made in 1940, without safety and a Norinco Tokarev Model 213 pistol in 9mm.Gun Collecting: Tokarev’s TT-33 and Its Clones

Da comrades, Phillip Peterson's piece on the Tokarev TT-33 is among the most popular gun collecting posts. After this lengthy piece, you'll be an expert on this Soviet Army sidearm and its copies. Learn More


The Browning Auto-5 Humpback.Those Hammerin’ Humpbacks

To no one's surprise, an article on a gun designed by John M. Browning is among our top gun collecting posts. But what Browning creation made the list might raise a few eyebrows — the Auto-5 shotgun. Read More


gun collectingAre Your Guns Insured?

Larry Sterett broaches a subject that gun collectors often overlook in protecting their investments. But given the time and energy procuring dream guns, insurance should be on every collector’s mind. Learn More


303-jungle-carbine-590Gun Collecting: The British .303 Jungle Carbine

Officially known as the Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 5 Mk. 1, this nifty carbine was a late variation of the British battle rifle. Purpose made, the Jungle Carbine is an excellent addition to any gun collection. Learn More


Nothing is as bitter as lost opportunities when it comes to buying that special firearm.A Gun Collector’s Regrets of Purchases Not Made

As sweet as gun collecting can be, there is also a dose of bitterness to it. Here's one collector's lament on gems he missed adding to his collection. Read On


The red fiberglass stock on the author’s SKS is actually heavier than most wood stocks.SKS Collecting: The Last Hold Out?

Late Gun Digest editor Dan Shideler fully admits he was a late adopter of the SKS at the beginning of this post. And by the end, he confesses his pokiness in warming up to the carbine was a mistake. Read More


By the numbers, the infamous Luger has been involved in more combat kills and casualties than any other handgun.The 3 Deadliest Gunfighting Pistols of All Time

What were the three greatest gunfighting pistols of all time, based on the number of kills and casualties made with them? Jim Dickson runs down the list in this very popular post. Discover The Deadliest


protect your gun collectionProtecting Your Gun Collection

This is a solid read for anyone who has an extensive gun collection and wants to make sure their family doesn't get taken after they're gone. Honestly, this is a must read. Learn More


CollectingGrading1-Lead450-12.jpgGun Collecting and Grading

Every price guide worth its salt has values based off condition grades. Understanding exactly what condition a firearm is in goes a long way in buying or selling it for the best possible price. Make The Grade


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