Small, But Mighty: Ruger PC Charger Pistol

Small, But Mighty: Ruger PC Charger Pistol

Ruger PC Charger Pistol 1

Going small, the Ruger PC Charger Pistol is the perfect small and nimble complement to the existing PC Carbine line.

How The PC Charger Pistol Compares To The Carbine Line:

  • Uses the same dead-blow action to mitigate recoil and shorten the bolt stroke.
  • Weighs in much less than the rest at a scant 5.2 pounds.
  • Boasts a nimble 6.5 barrel.
  • Accepts SR, Security-9 and Glock magazines, just like the PC Carbine.

The Ruger PC Carbine has made waves, to say the least. Introduced three years ago, the nifty pistol-caliber long gun—chambered 9mm and now .40 S&W—has been among the company’s most popular guns of recent times. Taking the next logical step, the gunmaker has introduced a compact and nimble variation of the gun—perhaps the perfect complement to the existing carbine.

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Based on the PC Carbine Chassis model, the Ruger PC Charger Pistol comes loaded with many of the same features, expect in a minuscule package. Best of all, it’s priced much like its long-gun cousins, relatively affordable with an MSRP of$799. On the surface, it seems a bit spendy, until you side-by-side the gun with others in its class—namely AR pistols, which by and large eclipse the $1,000 mark.

Mimicking the PC Carbine, the PC Charger Pistol uses a number of the same features, including an interchangeable magazine well. Unarguably an asset, this allows the pistol not only to accept Ruger Security-9 and SR9 magazines, but also ubiquitous Glock double-stacks. Needless to say, this makes the gun easy to feed.

Ruger PC Charger Pistol 2

Furthermore, the PC Charger Pistol is also outfitted with Ruger’s dead-blow action, a nifty design that shortens the blow-back operated pistol’s bolt travel. A dense tungsten weight on the bolt is the secret behind the system and makes the pistol—and the carbine, for that matter—exceptionally mild in the recoil department. A fast shooter as well, given it does a number on muzzle rise, thus makes it quick shot to shot.

A few other notables on the PC Charger Pistol include a reversible mag release and charging handle, glass-filled polymer chassis, hard-coat anodized aluminum handguard with M-Lok attachment points (3, 6 and 9 o’clock), A-2 style grip, butt rail for the attachment of a brace and a factory-installed hand stop. The last feature is on the mark, given it keeps your support hand safe on the 6.5-inch barreled gun—always a concern in such a configuration. Depending on where you reside, the gun ships with either 17- or 10-round SR/Security-9 magazines.

Overall, it’s a tidy package.

PC Charger Pistol Specs
Handguard: M-Lok
Capacity: 10 rds.
Weight: 5.2 lbs.
Barrel Length: 6.5″
Overall Length: 16.5″
Stock Option: Takedown
Sights: None
Grip: A2-style
Barrel Features: Threaded; 1/2″-28
Barrel Material: Alloy Steel; Blued
Grooves: 6
Receiver: Aluminum Alloy; Type III hard-coat anodized
Twist: 1:10″ RH

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