NRA: Wisconsin Bill Would Infringe 5th Amendment


On Wednesday, February 10, the Assembly Committee on Corrections and the Courts passed Assembly Bill 558 and Assembly Bill 559 — two bills that, if passed by the full assembly, would have severe effects on gun owners in the state of Wisconsin.

AB 558 would expand the definition of “misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence” well beyond the scope of current federal law in order to create a new class of people who would be stripped of Second Amendment rights in Wisconsin.

The second bill, AB 559, is a blatant violation of Americans' Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate themselves.  The bill would require an individual who is subject to a protective order to appear before a court and reveal all the firearms that he or she owns or possesses. It would also require people in this situation to turn the guns over either to a law enforcement agency or to a third party.

People in this situation would have no immunity from prosecution for the laws they might be forced to admit violating.  Read more

Source: NRA-ILA


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