What are you doing to stay fit?


By now most of the folks with the New Year's resolutions are done and out of the gym and after about March 1 I won't have to wait for machines any more. That's a good thing.

I am constantly reminded that my duties as a reserve deputy put me in contact with lots of different people. Most of them are between 18 and 24 years old. As I am now officially “well past” 40, I find myself paying extra close attention to DAAT training and seem to have found a little extra motivation on the treadmill and at the weight rack. I run, workout on an elliptical trainer, swim, and lift weight. Recently I've discovered kettle bells and would like to learn more about working with them. So, I'm feeling like I have a pretty good mix of cardio and strength training… I'll work in more flexibility and I should be in pretty good shape.

Lately, in an effort to built my grip strength I've been holding two 10-pound plates between my thumb and fingers. Starting with my hands at my sides, I then lift my arms until they are paralell to the floor and slowly lower them. I repeat the motion until I drop the weights (watch you toes) or can't lift my arms any more. It helps the hands and the shoulders.

What are you doing to keep fit? If you are working in LE, you know doubt have a vested interest in this. If you are a civilian wondering about self-defense, can you keep up maximum effort for 30 seconds? You'd be amazed at how long 30 seconds is when you are fighting.

So let's hear it. Any good tips that will help keep us all in fighting trim? Describe your workout. Doing so might help us all.

And remember, every issue of Tactical Gear Magazine includes “Fit To Fight” our look at phyical fitness for those who need it most.


  1. I am in the process of hanging climbing ropes and building a peg board to help me and my training partner get in shape, and get my son in wrestling shape for next year. Just because I have a sadistic streak, I am going to experiment with different diameter and rotating peg board handles.nIf you want help with the kettlebells, just ask.


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