The New FN 15 Tactical .300 BLK Rifle

The New FN 15 Tactical .300 BLK Rifle

FN 15 Tactical .300 BLK- F

The new FN 15 Tactical .300 BLK rifle represents FN America's first foray into a factory-produced rifle chambered in the popular .300 BLK.

FN America released several new products for 2016, particularly in terms of AR-style rifles. The manufacturer introduced its Military Collector series, which consisted of semi-auto versions of classic military designs like the M16, M4 Carbine and M249 SAW, and its new FN 15 Competition rifle, a race-ready rifle purpose built for the competitor.

In addition to these, the company also introduced a new version of its FN 15 Tactical rifle, this one chambered in the increasingly popular .300 Blackout (.300 BLK) cartridge. Initially developed at the request of the military to offer performance akin to the Soviet 7.62x39mm out of an AR-platform rifle, the .300 BLK has become much more widespread in recent years, especially with those using heavier, subsonic loads paired with an effective suppressor.

The new FN 15 Tactical .300 BLK rifle represents the first FN produced rifle to be chambered in .300 BLK straight from the factory and comes with the same great features that shooters have come to expect from FN's AR-style rifles. The rifle ships with FN's quality 16-inch, alloy-steel, cold-hammer forged barrel, which features a 1:7 inch twist. The barrel is also chrome lined and free floated and comes with a Surefire ProComp 762 muzzle brake.

The gun utilizes a carbine-length gas system with a low-profile gas block. Receivers are hard anodized aluminum, and the upper is a flat-top design with a Picatinny rail along the 12 o'clock position for mounting optics and accessories. The handguard is a Midwest Industries LWM 12-inch, which features a slim profile with M-LOK attachment points.

The FN 15 Tactical .300 BLK is also loaded up with Magpul furniture and accessories. The rifle is equipped with an MOE SL stock and an MOE grip, and the gun ships with Magpul MBUS flip-up sights.

The new FN 15 Tactical .300 BLK is available for $1,479 and comes with a 30-round Magpul PMAG magazine. For more information, visit FN America's website.


FN 15 Tactical .300 BLK
Caliber: 7.62×35 (.300 BLK)
Barrel: 16-in., alloy-steel, cold-hammer forged
Twist Rate: 1:7 inch
Muzzle Device: Surefire ProComp 762 muzzle brake
Overall Length: 33.7 in. (collapsed), 37 in. (extended)
Weight: 6.6 lbs. (empty)
Finish: Matte Black
Sights: Magpul MBUS sights
Capacity: 30 rounds


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