Thompson/Center Arms Recalls T/C Compass Rifle

Thompson/Center Arms Recalls T/C Compass Rifle

Thompson/Center Arms tc-compass-recall-fThompson/Center Arms has issued a recall on all T/C Compass bolt-action rifles manufactured prior to September 16, 2016. According to a safety recall notice distributed by the manufacturer, it has identified a condition that may exist in some Compass rifles, which might result in unsafe conditions.

The notice states that “there may be some instances, depending on the height and position of the rifle and other factors, where a chambered round may fire if the firearm is dropped with the safety in the fire position.” As a result of this, Thompson/Center Arms is instituting this recall in order to address the issue.

The company advises owners of Compass rifles to immediately “Stop using your rifle and return it to Thompson/Center at once.”

In order to facilitate the inspection and repair of rifles, Thompson/Center Arms is asking owners to contact the manufacturer at 855-512-5935. There, owners will receive instructions and a pre-paid shipping label for returning the rifle. Thompson/Center Arms states it will repair the rifle at no cost to the owner and will return it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The manufacturer has created a website ( where owners can find additional information regarding the recall. However, if there are any questions about the recall, Thompson/Center Arms encourages owners to call the number listed above.


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