Daniel Defense Adds Finish Options to DD5V1

Daniel Defense
Daniel Defense Tornado finish.

Daniel Defense took its first foray into .308 Win. not long ago with relatively good success. The DD5V1 proved to be a light, maneuverable semi-auto, executed with all the deftness of the rest of the Georgia gunmaker’s catalog. And now the manufacturer is adding a splash of color to the high-performance rifle.

Daniel Defense has added two new finish options to the basic black with the grayish Daniel Defense Tornado and the tan Mil Spec +. In both cases, colors options are thin-filmed polymer-ceramic Cerakote finishes, which shouldn’t only add to the shooter’s ability to customize their firearms, but also extend their lifespan.

Cerakote protects the exterior metal from impact, corrosion, wear and chemical exposure, as well as provides a certain level of additional hardness. In short, the finish does a pretty solid job of adding an extra layer of protection, giving shooters the piece of mind that their rifle will withstand the harshest environments.

Mil Spec + finish.

The Mil Spec + is a bit flashier than the typical Flat Dark Earth, having a slightly metallic tone to it, while the Tornado is a bit flatter in finish, but equally eye-catching in color. Whatever the case, the somewhat unusual color choices certainly give the rifle a sleek appearance that could turn heads at the range — if that’s the shooter’s aim.

The new finishes protect the same top-of-the-line features and design points of Danial Defense’s original DD5V1. Some of the features include a unique four-bolt connection system securing the barrel and handguard to the upper receiver, oversized cam pin and dual ejectors on the bolt and Key-Mod handguard.

The new finishes tack on about $100 to the DD5V1’s base price, with the MSRP on the rifle with the color options being $3,198.

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