Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1974


The Gun Digest – 1974

 Table of Contents
The Model 70 Winchester 1936-1963 by Kam Nasser6
The African Battery by Steve Miller19
They Made the Best Barrels by James E. Serven26
Model 1918A6 Gun Nut – a case history by Houston Stiff37
Chokes, Chokes, Chokes by Derek Partridge43
Forty Years with the Little 7mm by Jack O'Connor48
Sporting Arms of the World by L. S. Sterett, W. L. Rickell and the editors53
Mauser Models 71 and 71/84 Rifles by Frank C. Barnes102
When Shooting Goes Metric by Harold O. Davidson109
You Call Them – they won't call you! By Art Reid113
Custom Guns and their makers118
Flobert Rifles and Cartridges by Raymond Caranta122
Griffin & Howe by Lucian Cary126
Handloading by John T. Amber134
Firearms Fotography by Bob Hagel144
New Brno Shotgun by Wallace Labisky150
Knives and Knifemakers a sampling of blades156
The Magnum Revolvers by John Lachuk160
Loading the Belted Magnums by Bob Hagel172
The 257 Rides Again by Don Huser178
Unique D.E.S. 69 by Raymond Caranta182
Gunning in Eastern Europe by Sidney DuBroff185
Rocky Mountain Hunts by John Jobson195
Handguns – Domestic and Foreign by G. C. Nonte, W. L. Rickell and the editors201
Autoloading Rifles – a Testfire Report by James D. Mason216
Scopes & Mounts 1973-1974 by Bob Bell224
Customizing Contrary Snubs by Jan A. Stevenson234
Shotgunners Are Strange People by Charles F. Waterman240
Dream Gun or Zombie? By H. V. Stent244
Art of the Engraver masters of metalwork248
Halloween Gobbler by Don Shiner253
A Scope on Your Handgun by Bob Steindler257
Air Rifles – Basic Types by Ladd Fanta261
The 1923 BSA Rifle by Larry S. Sterett265
Black Powder Deer by Jack McPhee269
Revolver Brand Names by William B. Fors274
The Astra 400 by Dennis Riordan277
Gun Laws by E. B. Mann282
You Can't Have That London Gun! By Peyton Autry283
Russian Proof Marks by Lee Kennett286
Indian Enfield Carbine by L. S. Sterett290
The Shooter's Showcase new products, 1973291
American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth L. Waters297
Ammunition Tables308
U.S. Handguns313
U.S. Rifles333
U.S. Shotguns360
Imported Guns376
Black Powder Guns407
Pellet Guns419
Chokes & Brakes432
Metallic Sights433
Scopes & Mounts437
Arms Library444
Arms Associations in America and Abroad463
Periodical Publications465
Shooting Publications466
Directory of the Arms Trade467


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