Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1973


The Gun Digest – 1973

 Table of Contents
Muskets, Powder & Patriots by M.L. Brown6
The Trapshooter – and how he stands by Derek Partridge19
Pressures and the Revolver by Wm. M. Caldwell24
British Small-Bore Rifles: Part One – The 451 Muzzleloaders by DeWitt Bailey II29
Sporting Arms of the World by Larry Sterett, Walter Rickell and the editors43
The Darne Gun by John T. Amber50
Square Shot & Little Flying Saucers by Roger Barlow73
The Knife Revisited by A. G. Russell80
Antique 22 Caliber Revolvers by William B. Fors93
The Beautiful Blazers – all but forgotten! By Bob Bell100
J. M. Shoots Twice by Lucian Cary110
Twenty Pounds of Iron by Donel Johnson116
Bergmann System Military Pistols by James B. Stewart124
The Rifles of James Paris Lee: Part Two by Larry S. Sterett133
Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 4, Mark 1″ (Exploded Drawing) by Richard A. Hoffman146
A Way of Life by C. P. Barager151
The ever-changing Shotshell Story by Wallace Labisky152
The Little Twenty –  a wildcatter's wildcat! By G.O. Ashley162
One, Two, Three, Four! By Roger Barlow166
High Performance Handgun Loads – and how to handle 'em by George C. Nonte, Jr.174
Handgun Hunting by Bill Davidson179
Target – The Woodchuck by Ellis Christian Lenz184
The 45-70 – A Century Later by Frank C. Barnes189
High Standard's New Supermatic Autoloader by Wallace Labisky197
Rifles and Cartridges for Muleys by Norman E. Nelson, Jr.202
The Guns of John Brown by Louis W. Steinwedel207
Testfire Report by Larry S. Sterett211
Black Powder 1972 – a new situation by Edward M. Yard214
Locked Breech 380 Autos by Donald M. Simmons, Jr.221
A New Lesson From The Old World by Lt. Col. Jack Randolph228
Scopes & Mounts 1972-73 by Bob Bell232
Great Guns! Winchester's Model 9422s by Jon R. Sundra239
Handguns. U.S. & Foreign 1972-73 by Bob Steindler, George C. Nonte and the editors242
A History of Proof Marks: Gun Proof in Hungary by Lee Kennett254
Custom Guns and their makers256
Eprouvettes – An Illustrated History by Lee Kennett261
Handloading Centennial by John T. Amber264
Reloading the 9mm Luger by Bob Steindler275
Collecting Automatic Pistols by J. B. Wood279
The Shooter's Showcase New Products, 1972286
Art of the Engraver, Masters of Metalwork289
Home Made Shell Sizer, by Floyd Wensel292
American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth L. Waters293


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