Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1975


The Gun Digest – 1975

 Table of Contents
The Secret of the Old Master, Lucian Cary4
Pope Rifle Barrels a facsimile catalog reprint11
The Wild Sheep of North America, Jack O'Connor23
Pellet Pistol Phizzles, Ladd Fanta31
Charter Arms Bulldog – the 44 Special revived, George C. Nonte, Jr.34
Shotgunning with Browning, Wallace Labisky39
The Art of Turkey Hunting, James C. Gates57
The Ruger 220 Swift – an instant success! Jim Horton63
Japanese Autoloading Pistols, John L. Moss69
Checkering with Power, Jim Carmichel78
Wildcats and Wildcatters, Bob Hagel81
New SIG-Sauer Pistols, J. B. Wood86
The 1903 Springfield, Al Miller92
Gun Engravers and Gunsmiths, Display of quality craftmanship102
Deer Stoppers for the 16 Gauge, Wallace Labisky114
Chuck Hunter, Don Lewis123
Ducks Unlimited, Ted McCawley128
Sporting Arms of the World, Larry S. Sterett and the editors129
The Remington and Winchester Seminars, John T. Amber129
Kenya, France and Italy, John T. Amber154
Armi Famars, John T. Amber161
Testfire Report, Larry S. Sterett167
New Guns from the Old Cabinet, Raymond Caranta171
Single Action Revolvers and the safety revolution, Donald M. Simmons, Jr.176
Gun Proof in Germany, Lee Kennett185
Art of the Engraver masters of metalwork200
Smokeless Loads for Double Rifles, Ray Marriage, Dick Vogt, Bert Popowski204
Handloading, John T. Amber212
The Hunter – a man for all seasons, courtesy NSSF219
High Country Chucking, Dan L. Flores220
Pachmayr's Signature System, George C. Nonte, Jr.226
Hunting on Indian Reservations, Bert Popowski232
Torture Test! Gene West238
Scopes and Mounts, Bob Bell241
22 Hornet, Roy F. Dunlap248
Notes on Knives, a display of knifemakers253
Short Barrels for Grouse, Nick Sisley256
The Handgun Scene, George C. Nonte and the editors259
Shooting at 1000 Yards, Bob Bell266
Custom Guns and their makers276
The All-Round Rifle – pursuit of a myth? Cliff Dempster282
Shooter's Showcase new products, 1974288
American Bulleted Cartridges, Kenneth L. Waters291
Why the Buffalo Disappeared, Dick Dietz296
Early American Cartridges, Charles H. Yust, Jr.297
Doing Good and Getting Credit For It, J. David Truby302
Ammunition Tables304
U.S. Handguns308
U.S. Rifles324
U.S. Shotguns346
Imported Guns362
Black Powder Guns392
Pellet Guns407
Chokes & Brakes420
Metallic Sights421
Scopes & Mounts425
Arms Associations in America and Abroad432
Periodical Publications434
Directory of the Arms Trade435


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