Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1971


The Gun Digest -1971

 Table of Contents
Guns of the Western History Makers, James E. Serven4
Rough Country Antelope, Bob Hagel17
Firearms Advertising Envelopes, Robert F. Denny23
Garcia Guns, John T. Amber30
The National Rifle Club Introduction, notes by J. T. Amber33
Detachable Aiming Points, Guy Lautard39
The Israeli Army, Dr. Eugene Sockut40
New Mannlicher Rifles, Warren Page50
Match Air Rifle Test, John T. Amber55
This Muzzle-Loading Game, R. O. Ackerman58
George Schoyen – Riflemaker, John Dutcher65
Big Game in Africa, John T. Amber76
The French 1950 Auto Pistol, Raymond Caranta84
The Unchoke!, Roger Barlow89
The Whitworth Rifle, DeWitt Bailey II94
Sporting Arms of the World, the editors106
A Champlin Champion, the editor109
Jackson Hole Rifle, the editor112
New Remingtons, the editor117
Practical Pistol Shooting, Jeff Cooper129
For Long Distance Gunning, Wallace Labisky134
Case Capacity Measurement, Harold O. Davidson136
The Air Rifle – Which One?, Ladd Fanta138
Herter's SL18 Auto Shotgun, Larry S. Sterett147
Handguns 1970, George C. Nonte, Jr.149
Letters to Jim Hack, Editor of Shooting & Blasting161
Guns and Game Shooting, Derek Partridge164
The 38 Special, James R. Olt168
Revival of the Sharps, Bob Hagel174
Gunstock Checkering Revisted, Ellis Christian Lenz179
What Interchangeable 9mms?, George C. Nonte, Jr.185
The American's Guns, Peyton Autry190
The Double Barreled Gun, Merrill K. Lindsay194
The Knife, Ken Warner204
Reloading Review, the editors215
Key to Color Pages221
Guns in Color, A parade of fine arms225
The Quiet Gun, Donald Hamilton257
The Creation of Precision Rifle Ammunition, Roy. F. Dunlap264
Gun Proof in Spain, Lee Kennett278
Art of the Engraver, 5 pages of new work284
Ye Compleate Exterior Ballistics, Ken Waters289
Scopes & Mounts 1970, Bob Bell292
Scopes of Yesteryear, John T. Amber296
Double Action Shooting, Paul B. Weston304
Custom Guns, and their makers311
Varmint Rifle Variables, John R. Sundra316
Testfire Report 1970, Russ Carpenter321
British Military Cartridges, Peter Labbett328
Shooter's Showcase, New products – 1970334
ABC – Metallic Cartridges, Ken Waters338
Ammunition Tables346
U.S. Handguns353
U.S. Rifles366
U.S. Shotguns389
Foreign Guns in the U.S.A.403
Pellet Guns426
Chokes & Brakes436
Metallic Sights438
Scopes & Mounts442
Arms Associations449
Shooting Publications451
Periodical Publications452
Arms Library453
Glossary for Gunners467
Directory of the Arms Trade469


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