Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1970


The Gun Digest – 1970

 Table of Contents
Six Shooters Since Sixteen Hundred, M. Lindsay and B. Pendleton4
The Killing Power Controversy, Jack O'Connor14
Multum in Parvo – HK 4 Pistol, Larry S. Sterett19
Marlin – A Century of Famous Firearms, Pete Kuhlhoff24
Seating Depth vs. Champber Pressure, George C. Nonte, Jr.33
Sporting Arms of the World, Charles Askins, Bob Steindler and the editors38
Garcia's Berettas, the editors40
Hunting in Scotland, John T. Amber69
Loading the Old Ones – and some not so old, Ken Waters74
Two-Fisted Handgunning, Col. Charles Askins84
It's Not How Long You Make It. . ., Warren Page88
A Visit to Dickson's, Roger Barlow92
Latest Colts, the editors98
New Handguns / U.S. and Foreign 1969-1970, Dean Grennell and the editors97
Ruger's Double Action Revolver, John T. Amber100
New Foreign Handguns, Bob Steindler105
Beretta M-76 Pistol, Raymond Caranta111
New Chronographs and Photo-Eye Screens, John T. Amber113
Gun Proof in France, Lee Kennett116
Gras Model 1874 Rifle, Richard A. Hoffman126
Daisy V/L Rifles, Maj. George C. Nonte, Jr.128
Art of the Engraver, 6 pages of new work130
Parazzi – Ferrari of Shotguns, Derek Partridge136
Brouhaha in Brescia, John T. Amber144
Stockmaker Supreme, Dale Goens146
Air Arms I.Q., Ladd Fanta148
Pneu Pellet Arms, the editors154
Ibex in Iberia, John T. Amber157
Scopes & Mounts 1969-1970, Bob Bell162
38 Special – new life or last gasp?, Jan A. Stevenson170
Testfire Report – 1969-1970, Bob Wallack176
Dan Wesson Arms, Mason Williams183
Reloading For Varmint Hunting, John Lachuk190
Custom Guns, and their makers198
Buffalo Hunting Today, Bert Popowski203
Shooting A Buffalo, John T. Amber208
Shot Loads For Revolvers, Edward Dams210
Rifled Slugs, Art Reid213
Resurrection of the L. C. Smith, Gerald R. Hunter216
Handloading – 1969-70, Maj. Geo. C. Nonte, Jr. and the Technical Editors222
American Revolver Safeties, DeWitt E. Sell, Ph.D.233
Pennsylvania Long Rifles, R. O. Ackerman238
Head Hunting in B.C., Bradford Angier244
Shooter's Showcase, new items on display249
Handiest Tool, George C. Nonte, Jr.255
Lock, Stock, and Barrel, Gerald R. Hunter258
Mauser 6.35mm Pistols, James B. Stewart260
ABC – Metallic Cartridges, Kenneth L. Waters and the Technical Staff265
New M-16 Training Round, Allen Cohen, Project Eng.389
Smokeless Powder Equivalent?, Ted McCawley389
Ammunition Tables272
U.S. Handguns279
U.S. Rifles292
U.S. Shotguns314
Foreign Arms in America329
Pellet Guns351
Metallic Sights361
Scopes & Mounts365
Chokes & Brakes372
Arms Library374
Shooting Publications386
Periodical Publications387
Arms Associations388
Directory of the Arms Trade390
Glossary for Gunners401


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