Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1954


The Gun Digest 8th edition – 1954

 Table of Contents
Collectors Section
Collecting Old Winchesters, Bill Depperman2
Colt Display Board8
Firearms vs. Armor, Stephen V. Grancsay9
Tokyo Treasure, John T. Amber12
Bullard Firearms Catlog, circa 188716
Rifle Section
Bears I Have Known, Warren Page31
Winchester Model 70 Stocks34
The Rifle in the Field, Jack O'Connor35
Used Guns, Henry M. Stebbins43
Big Game Rifles, models and prices47
Rifles of American Make, Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher57
The Big 450 Rifle, H. E. MacFarland61
Big Bore Bullet Trajectory Data63
Records of North American Big Game64
Small Bore Rifle, models and prices66
Shotgun Section
Retrievers for Your Hunting Pleasure, Leonard S. Florsheim, Jr.78
Shotguns of American Make, Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher82
Shotguns, models and prices85
Choke Devices, models and prices95
Safe Shotgun Shooting – Tap Good-enough and Dick Shaughnessy96
Choke Patterns100
Handgun Section
Pistols and Revolvers of American Make, Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher105
Six Gun '53 Style, Warren Page108
Pistols and Revolvers, models and prices109
Match Pistol Shooting, Lt. Col. Charles Askins117
Raw Steel to Smith & Wesson123
Foreign Firearms
Foreign Arms, models and prices134
Spain, the Shooting Man's Mecca, Lt. Col. Charles Askins142
The Ten Commandments of Safety146
Special Articles
The Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Col. Calvin Goddard147
Mountain Men and Mountain Rifles, John Barsotti153
Outwitting a Mountain Sheep, Howard Hill157
The Story of European Proof Marks – Part II, Development of Proof in Great Britain – A. Baron Engelhardt160
What's New with Winchester? – Warren Page184
Remington Shot Shells, with prices185
Table of Comparative Ballistics, Pistol and Revolver Cartridges – Warren Sperbeck185
Ballistic Tables, with prices187
Foreign Cartridges, with prices191
Sights – Telescope and Metallic
The Scoop on Scopes, Warren Page193
Telescope Sights and Mounts, with prices195
Spotting Scopes, with prices200
Metallic Sight Chart, with prices201
Obsolete Metallic Cartridge Arms, Lou Ostendorp207
Reloading Tools, with prices211
Cleaning and Care of Firearms215
The National Rifle Association, Paul B. Cardinal215
The Powder Flask Book216
Gun Book Reviews217
Manufacturers' Directory221


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