Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1955


The Gun Digest 9th edition – 1955

 Table of Contents
Special Articles
Gun Engraving, Roy F. Dunlap2
Montana Artist and Engraver8
Gun Engraving (pictures)9
Kynoch Ammunition Catalog of 1884 (facsimile)14
Blunder Busts! – Walter F. Roper52
New Wine – Old Bottles – Henry M. Stebbins102
How To Shoot Guns – With a Camera, That Is – Maj. R. O. Ackerman108
Fast Oil Finishing, Keith Stegall154
The Story of European Proof Marks – Part II, Proof during the 19th Century: Chapter II, Proof in France; Chapter III, Prof in Belgium – A., Baron Englehardt155
Collector's Section
The Volunteer Rifles, Cleves H. Howell, Jr.42
Cornel Klett, Hofbüchsenmacher, Stephen V. Grancsay47
Winchester Single Shots, Lou Ostendorp81
Mountain Men – Mountain Rifles: Part II, John Barsotti84
Rifle Section
Big Game Bullets, Elmer Keith58
The Search for Accuracy, Warren Page62
American Rifles Today, Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher66
Big Game Rifles: models and prices77
Small Bore Rifles: models and prices89
Bullet Art, Ernie Lind101
Handgun Section
American Handguns Today, Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher114
Sculptured Smith & Wessons118
Pistols and Revolvers: models and prices120
Pistols and Presidents, Maj. R. O. Ackerman128
Shotgun Section
This Year's Shotgun Progress, Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher133
A New Autoloader, Warren Page136
Shotguns: models and prices138
Why Not an Over Under? Warren Page149
How To Hunt Quail, Don Harger152
Foreign Firearms
Foreign Arms in America: models and prices170
The Continental Shotgun, Lt. Col. Charles Askins179
Table of Comparative Ballistics, Pistol and Revolver Cartridges – Warren Sperbeck194
Ballistics Tables, with prices191
Foreign Cartridges, with prices196
Sights – Telescope and Metallic
Telescope Sights and Mounts, with prices198
Spotting Scopes, with prices203
Metallic Sight Chart, with prices204
Highly Furnished Arms – a page from an 1897 Winchester catalog of engraving7
Practice Necessary for Good Shooting57
10 Commandments of Safety83
Pistol Cartridge Data83
Visible Recoil113
National Rifle Association190
Reloading Tools, with prices210
Cleaning and Care of Firearms214
Arms Association in America215
Gun Book Reviews216


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