Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1953


The Gun Digest 7th edition – 1953

 Table of Contents
Special Articles
The Story of European Proof Marks – Part 1, Historical Notes on the Development of Proof in Europe – A. Baron Engelhardt2
Remington Catalog, 187613
UMC Cartridge Board, 188820
Crazy Calibers – F. Wesson, America's First “Wildcatter” – James J. Grant22
The U.S. and British Automatic Rifles, John A. Harper, Jr.29
European Firearms in the George F. Harding Museum in Chicago, Stephen V. Grancsay32
Fun with New and Old Guns, Peyton Autry38
Belted or Blasted? – Warren Page44
Rifle Section
Rifles of American Make, Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher48
Slide, 30-06, Slide – Warren Page52
Big Game Rifles, models and prices53
Let's Look at Weatherby's “New Look” – Robert T. Smith62
What is a “Custom” Rifle? – Peyton Autry66
Small Bore Rifles, models and prices70
My Single-Shot Rifles, Col. Townsend Whelen82
Whitetail in Three States, Warren Page86
Shotgun Section
Gun Games for the Game Shot, Jack O'Connor90
When You Hit ‘Em, They Break – Bill Depperman94
Shotguns of American Make, Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher96
Shotguns, models and prices98
Choke Devices, models and prices108
Shot Shell Chart, with prices109
Handgun Section
Paterson and Walker Colts, John S. du Mont110
Handguns and Hits, Paul B. Weston116
My Favorite Gun – the Super-Accurate Single Shot Pistol – Walter F. Roper122
Pistols and Revolvers of American Make, Maj. Gen. J.S. Hatcher131
Pistols and Revolvers, models and prices134
Foreign Firearms
Original Oberndorf Mauser Sporters, M/Sgt. Ludwig Olson142
Exploded Drawings of Mauser 98, Mauser HSe, Arisaka, and Nambu148
Spanish Sporting Firearms Today, Lt. Col. Charles Askins152
Foreign Arms, models and prices157
Handloading Section
The 222 Remington, Edson W. Hall164
Reloading Tools, with prices167
Why Not Load Your Own? – An NRA Picture Story170
Ballistics Tables, with prices174
Foreign Cartridges, with prices178
Halger and Hits Rifles, Phil Sharpe180
Cartridge Design, Henry M. Stebbins183
Ammunition Guide187
Sights – Telescope and Metallic
Rifle Sights in Proving Ground and Hunting Field, Col. Townsend Whelen195
Telescope Sights199
Scope Chart, with prices200
Scope Mounts, with prices202
Spotting Scopes, with prices204
Metallic Sight Chart, with prices205
Obsolete Metallic Cartridge Arms, Lou Ostendorp211
Gun Book Reviews218
Manufacturers' Directory222



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