First Look: The Escort .22 LR Bolt-Action Rifle

First Look: The Escort .22 LR Bolt-Action Rifle

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Priced right and solidly made, the Escort .22 LR has you covered whether taking aim at small game or the bullseye.

Air Rifles and shotguns—Hatsan’s catalog has always seemed bit confusing. Quite a jump between styles of firearms, with plenty of middle ground to fill in. The only logical explanation seems to be Hatsan's home base is in Turkey, and if you make guns there it’s just short of law you make a smoothbore. Though, times are changing for Hatsan’s centerfire brand Escort.

Recently, the Escort announced the addition of a bolt-action .22 LR to its catalog, simply called the .22 LR. It's the second rimfire the company has produced, following up on the Escort Rimfire Rifle from a few years back. What the new rifle lacks in a glitzy moniker it makes up for in a solid system. A bit of a throwback, the plinker is long on classy good looks and function, while staying short on price … real short. The MSRP on the Escort .22 LR is a meager $250 with a synthetic stock and $300 with a stick of walnut.

The Escort .22 LR boasts some nice features, chief among them a removable box magazine. Available in 5- and 10-round capacities, the mags have a lightweight polymer body with a stainless-steel follower. Additionally, the rifle has a threaded barrel, 1/2×28 pattern, making it compatible with nearly all .22-caliber suppressors and muzzle devices. Until you slap one on, the threads are safely protected thanks to a factory-installed cap.

Escort 22 LR 2

Other key features on the Escort .22 LR include a steel receiver coupled to a 24.8-inch barrel. Both are hard-chrome-finished to reduced corrosion and wear. Escort has provided sling swivel studs on the rifle, extra mag storage in the buttstock and an 11mm dovetail rail above the receiver for the addition of an optic. The .22 LR is also outfitted with a Picatinny accessories rail at the fore of rifle and a soft rubberized buttpad to mitigate any recoil from the mild cartridge. Additionally, the gunmaker included a bolt-mounted safety and cocked-bolt indicator on the 6.1-pound rifle.

For the price, it seems a tidy package for small-game hunting or drilling bullseyes.

22LR Specs:
Twist Rate: 1:16″
Barrel Length: 24.8″ barrel
Overall Length: 43.1″ overall length
Weight: 6.1 lbs.
MSRP: $249.99 – 22LR SYN / $299.99 – 22LR Walnut

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