First Look: CZ 600 Bolt Action Rifle Series

First Look: CZ 600 Bolt Action Rifle Series

CZ has recently announced the new CZ 600 bolt action rifle series, the five new models will replace their now discontinued CZ 527 and 557 series.

CZ may be best known for their handguns in the U.S., but for years their bolt action rifles have been extremely popular with hunters as well. Offered in a wide variety of centerfire cartridges, these previous-generation models like the CZ 527 and CZ 557 have been discontinued in favor of the new CZ 600 series. Featuring several upgrades and improvements throughout, the CZ 600 series is available in five distinct configurations and ten different chamberings (depending on the model).

CZ 600 Trail and Lux
The CZ 600 Trail (top) and Lux (bottom).

What’s New?

CZ claims that nearly every aspect of their bolt action rifles has been improved in the CZ 600 series. The redesigned action now features a 60-degree bolt throw with controlled-round-feed capabilities, resulting in not only faster potential cycling but also greater reliability. The extra clearance provided by the 60-degree throw accommodates larger scopes now as well, and all CZ 600 series rifles have an enlarged bolt knob to provide better control.

The safety of the CZ 600 series has also been improved, as it can now be unloaded while the safety is still engaged. By pressing the new bolt release button, the bolt can be manipulated even while the safety is engaged and the trigger is locked, providing greater ease of mind while unloading a hot gun. The safety is now silent to use as well, eliminating the worry of scaring off game right before a critical moment.

Among rifles with the same action size, replacing the barrel, magazine and bolt face will also allow for easy caliber conversions. These kits will be sold separately but should enable shooters to have greater versatility with the same rifle.

Some models of the CZ 600 also have easily adjustable triggers and the ability to reload the magazine through the top of the action.


New CZ 600 Models

The five new CZ 600 series models can be seen below, and their appearance and names make their intended roles quite obvious. CZ describes the Alpha as their do-it-all model, and it’s the only one in the CZ 600 series that is available in all chambering options, including .223 Rem., 7.62×39, .224 Valkyrie, .308 Win., 6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 30-06 Sprg., .300 Win. Mag. and 8×57 IS. All other models in the 600 series are offered in only a selection of these calibers, with the trail model having the fewest options.

The Alpha, Lux, Ergo and Range models all prioritize accuracy and are guaranteed to produce sub-MOA 3-shot groups at 100 meters. The Range model is the most accurate of the bunch, guaranteeing a sub-0.75-inch MOA 5-shot group at the same distance (measured using match-grade ammo, of course).

CZ 600 models

Whatever you need a centerfire bolt action rifle for, the CZ 600 series likely has you covered. Between the available models and chambering options, there’s something there for everybody. Whether you’re a hunter who appreciates precision and the traditional look of wood or a backpacker looking for a modern, compact trail rifle, there’s a 600 series gun worth looking at. MSRPs for the CZ 600 series are not yet available as the rifles will not hit store shelves until early 2022.

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  1. Wow, talk about burning your ships on the beach to prevent ever going back. I was never a fan of the 557, but completely dropping the 527 and 550 breaks my heart.


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