New Guns: New AR Rifles Available in 2017


I’ll be politically correct and call an AR or black rifle an MSR. MSR might stand for Modern Sporting Rifle, but these rifles are everywhere. This year, black rifles have come out of the shadows, and I think MSR should stand for Main Stream Rifle seeing as nearly every rifle manufacturer produces its own version of the MSR. To use a term, they are ubiquitous. Sure, there are MSRs that prefer the shadows, ready to defend, but there are those that compete, punch steel at distance and hunt, too. Here are a few rifles worth noting.


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I’m not a big fan of having a lot of accessories hanging off my AR. I like my ARs light and maneuverable. The new Minimalist-SD (left) is pared down to the essentials with functional features like the rifle-length AAC SquareDrop handguard, Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock and 16-inch lightweight contour barrel with AAC 51T flash hider. It weighs 6 pounds sans optic.

The adjustable gas piston system ACR platform (right) redefines modularity with the ability to change barrels and calibers in the field. The ACR DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) model is equipped for long-range adventures with a heavy 18.5-inch hammer forged barrel and plenty of rail space for an optic and bipod. The Magpul PRS2 adjustable stock allows a shooter to adjust the stock to their stature, and the Geissele trigger allows a shooter to send one with ease.

Editor's Note: This article is from the 2017 Shooters Guide issue of Gun Digest the Magazine

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