Suppressors: Spike’s Tactical Issued Patent For Recluse Rifle

Suppressors: Spike’s Tactical Issued Patent For Recluse Rifle

The Recluse earned a patent for more than its sound-suppression capabilities; it also has the ability to make any round sub-sonic.

How the Spike's Tactical Recluse is making noise:

  • The Recluse not only suppresses a round's report, but also slows any bullet’s velocity to sub-sonic speeds.
  • It accomplishes this through barrel porting, siphoning off some of the gases.
  • The design recently was issued a patent.
  • The Recluse is also a single NFA stamp gun, given the suppressor lengthens the barrel over 16-inches.

Typically, when talking suppressors one style comes to mind — the removable variety. By far the most common, if a shooter owns one or has seen one at their local range it is most likely one of the many threaded units that have flooded the market in recent years.


Even with their abundance and relatively affordable price points, the traditional style of suppressor is giving way to more holistic systems. Integrally suppressed rifles and pistols have gained a toehold and, given the innovations incorporated into a number of the designs, they don’t look hit the skids anytime soon. A good example is Spike’s Tactical’s Recluse Rifle.

Unleashed upon the greater shooting world in 2016 as the Brown Recluse, the pistol caliber carbine’s built-in sound-suppression system does more than muffle its report. It does so literally for any 9mm round — sub- or super-sonic — run through its blowback action. No small feat, given it typically takes some pretty toned down ammo to get the most out of a can.

The Recluse pulls off this coup with a rather ingenious bit of engineering buried under its suppressor tube — a ported barrel. Situated behind the baffles, the ports allow some of a round’s gases to escape, slowing a bullet’s velocity and thus eliminating the crack of the projectile breaking the sound barrier. This was one part of the equation that, in late March, earned Spike’s a patent on the upper assembly of the Recluse.


The other, given the abbreviated barrel (1:10 twist), is the pistol caliber carbine only requires one NFA tax stamp. Spike’s accomplished this by permanently affixing the forward tube to the barrel nut to create an extension greater than 16-inches. This gives the weekend 3-Gun warrior as much chance of owning the 7.5-pound Recluse without taking a second mortgage as a local law-enforcement agency.

To the surprise of no one, given the technology, Spike’s Recluse still runs a pretty penny, even with one stamp. The carbine’s MSRP is $2,230 before paying Uncle Sam’s share. But, aside from the advance suppression system, shooters get a ton of top-end features.

Among some of the more notable are a 12-inch BAR2 rail, dedicated lower receivers for Colt and Glock magazine compatibility, jeweled mil-spec trigger and cut down ejection port. The Recluse comes decked out with a Magpul CTR Stock and MBUS front and rear sights.

For more information on the Recluse check out Spike’s Tactical:


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