New Rifle: M&P15T With Crimson Trace LiNQ System

New Rifle: M&P15T With Crimson Trace LiNQ System

M&P15T with M-LOK and Crimson Trace LiNQ System

The M&P15T is optimized for low-light situations with the Crimson Trace LiNQ system and eminently configurable with an M-LOK handguard.

  • The M&P15T offers low-light performance out of the box with Crimson Trace's multi-functional LiNQ system, which boasts both green laser sight and 300-lumen light.
  • The LiNQ system is ideal for tactical rifles, remotely operated with grip controls for intuitive operation.
  • The Magpul M&P15T's handguard offers plenty of real estate to configure the carbine to a shooter's tastes, with M-LOK ports running the entirety of the circumference.
  • The carbine itself boasts 5R rifling, an optimized lands design and configuration meant to cause less bullet deformity and promote accuracy.

Getting left in the dark is always a concern with defensive firearms. In turn, the accessories market abounds with every conceivable method of keeping guns on target when light is scarce.

Recently, Smith & Wesson teamed up with Crimson Trace to tackle this issue right out of the box, mating a couple of the companies’ most popular products in a shot to own the night. The M&P15T outfits the gunmaker’s highly affordable AR with the laser-sight specialist’s multi-function LiNQ system for a package well adapted to send rounds where they need to go, no matter how dim the situation.

“The M&P15T rifle was the perfect platform to showcase the award-winning LiNQ, wireless operated system,” said Lane Tobiassen, President of Crimson Trace. “Together with Jan Mladek, General Manager for the M&P Brand, we were able to collaborate and develop a firearm package that showcases the versatility of the LiNQ as well as the ability of the M&P15T rifle to adapt to accessories.”

Crimson Trace LiNQ System mounted on the Smith & Wesson M&P15T

The LiNQ is a multi-function unit that offers the M&P15T more than an aiming solution. In addition to its green laser sight, the system also has a 300-lumen LED light capable of illuminating a target in most close- to medium-range situations. To top it all off, the entire LiNQ unit (mounted at the extreme forward of the handguard) is remotely operated. The controls are conveniently situated on the carbine’s grip, making the actuation of the laser sight and light intuitive.

The 16-inch-barreled carbine itself comes outfitted with a 13-inch handguard, slimmed for ease of handling, and compatible with Magpul’s M-LOK system. Furthermore, the M&P15T has a modular free-floating rail system and comes standard with Magpul MBUS popup front and rear sights. And finally, it boasts 5R rifling, an improved lands design and configuration meant to reduce bullet deformity, thus sending a much more uniform and stable projectile downrange accurately.

The extras on the M&P15T do bump up its price compared to the rest of the typically economical line, with an MSRP of $1,449. But for shooters looking for low-light performance in a tactical rifle straight from the box, the package deal might be a small price to pay.


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