What Do You Think About the President’s Gun Plan?

What Do You Think About the President’s Gun Plan?
What is an AR-15?
Is this an assault weapon? How many cartridges are in that magazine? Is Patrick Sweeney angry or just concentrating? Is it possible to even tell by a quick glance at a photo? The answers can be found below.


On Jan. 16, President Barack Obama unveiled 23 executive orders and a four-point legislative plan as part of a package of gun control measures. They reflected the results of firearms discussions led by the White House after the Sandy Hook mass murders. The firearms community hasn't stopped talking since, and neither have many people normally unfamiliar with guns. It seems everyone has an opinion. Living Ready wants to help sort fact from fiction.

Living Ready, which originally was a special edition of Gun Digest, doesn't deal much with opinions. It deals in hard information. Unfortunately, inarguable information is lacking in this gun law discussion.

Muddying the waters are terms like “assault weapon” and “high-capacity magazine,” which lack consistent definitions and leave much up to interpretation or manipulation. These words are bantered about by politicians, advocacy groups, everyday folks and, yes, even firearms enthusiasts. That these opaque terms are woven into laws should disturb anyone desiring government transparency.

Living Ready was founded on a mission of clear-cut education. From bug-out bags and home survival kits to backup generators and growing food, there is no room for obscurity when lives are on the line. Only rock-solid information matters. The rest is just noise.

The same goes with the firearms discussion. Gun owners, Second Amendment advocates, gun control groups, lawmakers, law enforcement, firearm collectors, dealers, retailers and people who have never even touched a gun all owe it to themselves to be informed before drawing any conclusions. Living Ready recommends these books for the best information anywhere on these topics.

What is an assault rifle?* Gun Digest Book of the AR-15 Series SetFact or fiction: “AR stands for assault rifle.” Answer: Fiction. It actually stands for “Armalite.” That's just one of the many misconceptions about the AR-15, the much-maligned “assault weapon” referenced by politicians and pundits. Is it a killing machine or a rifle with practical applications? Expert Patrick Sweeney dives into AR-15s like no one else in this four-book set.



Concealed carry definition* Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry, 2nd EditionFact or fiction: “There are people walking around armed every day and you'd never know it.” Answer: Fact. Massad Ayoob, arguably the world's foremost firearms instructor, makes the case for why concealed carry is not nearly as scary as knee-jerk reactions would have you believe. There are sound reasons why an everyday person would carry a concealed firearm. Ayoob explains them with a clarity only his decades of experience can provide.



Exploring Glock handguns* Glock DeconstructedFact or fiction: “Glock is another term for handgun.” Answer: Fiction. It is not a substitute for any handgun. It's a brand, and an important one at that. Author Patrick Sweeney takes a look at this influential handgun company and its renowned products.



Here's why people need guns for self-defense* Self-Defense Bundle (Armed for Personal Defense, Personal Defense for Women, Gun Digest Book of Personal Protection & Home Defense) – Fact or fiction: “The police will always be there when you need them.” Answer: Fiction. This three-book bundle explores that answer with a slate face. No macho stuff here. This is practical, pertinent information for protecting life and limb.



What are high-capacity magazines?* The Cartridge Comparison GuideFact or fiction: “No one needs more than one bullet in their clip.” Answer: Fiction. Also, they're called cartridges, and they usually go in magazines. There are many characteristics to ammunition. Understanding these traits will provide a better view on how to legislate magazine capacities. Even the United States Fish & Wildlife Service agrees that author Andrew Chamberlain offers a “gold mine of information” in this book.



Your Turn: Tell Living Ready What You Think

Has talk of new gun regulations changed the way you look at preparedness? Living Ready wants to hear your views. Leave a comment below.

Intelligent discussion only. That means if you make a statement, provide evidence for it. Be polite ladies and gentlemen about it. Personal attacks only encourage opposing opinions to yell louder. These issues are too important to get lost in inflammatory rhetoric.

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  1. In reference to the current crisis on anti-gun ownership: I think the media – press, TV and radio and the politicians are aiming their attacks at the WRONG TARGET.

    The correct targets are the entertainment industry and the advertisers who use violence to attract attention to their products and to benefit financially from increased sales.

    They try to demonize certain firearms, e.g. “assault rifles”and “large capacity magazines” and to disarm the law-abiding public, without considering the consequences: MORE CRIME. The assault rifles in use in 1776 were about four feet long, single shot black powder smoothbore single shot muzzle loaders and some had bayonets attached.

    The AR-15 in 5.56 mm calibre was adopted during the Vietnamese War, so the troops could carry more ammunition than the M1 Garand rifle in .30-’06 calibre. The AR-15 in various models is the current combat rifle of the United States and millions of U.S. servicemen and women have been trained with it.

    If guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns!

  2. I guess if ammo prices really shoot (hee hee) the roof, I might finally see my golden parachute coming in for a landing. On another note, I placed my name on a waiting list for an S&W M&P Shield in 40 caliber last April, I finally received a phone call today, it’s in! 10 months it took. Most places I call near Seattle won’t even take orders. I am glad I didn’t have to put money down as some places request. From what I have heard on the street, the 40 caliber version has not been hitting the shelves like the 9mm has been. Though even the 9mm has been on a 3 month (or more) waiting list at most places; that was before they decided to no longer add names to their lists. I pick it up tomorrow and will be testing it on Wednesday, on my birthday, how awesome is that : )

  3. If only Soros’ puppets would use some common sense and budget for the prosecution of criminals instead of disarming the innocent (to justify their law enforcement agencies expanding jurisdiction) we’d all be better off.

  4. None of “the president’s” so called “Executive Orders” are worth the paper they are written on. They are all un-Constitutional. They should be ignored. The thing to concentrate on is preventing any new legislation that is being attempted. Any and all anti-gun legislation must be stopped. “We the People” must stand up and protect our Constitutional rights and do all we can to protest against any attemps to destroy or modify those rights. What part of “shall not be infringed” is unclear. The Second Amendment is intended to provide an armed citizenry equal to or better than the armed Militia, which means ordinary citizens have the right to own state of the art firearms, including fully automatic weapons. This is also intended to protect “We the People” from the tyranny of goverment. Enough said.

  5. Komrade Li Sun,

    Greetings comrades. Our dear leader Xi Jinping of the Peoples Republic of China has sent President Obama his condolences on the Newtown massacre and heartily endorses an all out ban of all firearms in the U.S. immediately by executive action.

    To achieve the same Utopian society in America that we now enjoy in China this can only be achieved by first outlawing all private ownership of firearms. Only then can the U.S. government then implement new laws that will result in a more ordered State.

    After the gun confiscation the U.S. should, like China implement strict guidelines for the news media which should be required to work closely with the governments rules of media conduct and content.

    All public meetings and gatherings should be first cleared with local party officials.

    Re-election of the president should not be limited to only 8 years as the vast experience of a president should not be waisted by term limits. Our dear leader should have the right to be re-elected indefinitely.

    It should be recalled that it was the American Communist party that brought such glorious social change such as Social Security, aide to education, and the new glorious National Health Care System. We, your Chinese brothers and Comrades stand by ready to help you implement the “New American Communist” Utopian Society of the 21st Century.

    Gung Ho!

    • “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

      “All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

      (from “The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions: Address Before the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois” January 27, 1838)

      “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. ” — Ariel Durant

      I love history. Those who do not learn from History’s mistakes will repeat it.

  6. I’m a veteran who served this country during the Vietnam era and have walked the strait line as long as I’am on earth. If Obama and the likes of his Zombie followers get their way only criminals will have guns! Do you know that makes me? Yup…. A CRIMINAL!

  7. Obama and his croonies are a bunch of nuts and all he is trying to do is take full control over everyone and their actions. He will destroy out great country if he is not impeached and run out of our country. He wants to be known as KING Obama. Everything he is doing is illegal and against all laws and rules of the USA. IMPEACH him and get him out of office.

  8. There is a litany of things wrong with Mr. Obama’s proposed Gun Control measures. I think, however that the biggest of all is the premise that somehow making guns harder for law abiding citizens to obtain will do anything to stop the violence caused by the criminal few.
    Mental health seems to be the most common thread in all of these acts of terrorism. If we have funding for anything at all it would seem to me this is the place it is most needed! Fund the closed down mental health system and bring it back to its full capacity. It will do a lot more than all the gun laws anyone can dream up. At least that is how I feel about it.
    We have a great problem in America today, the government has operated for several years without an approved budget. We are 17 trillion dollars in debt and climbing. Cities, Counties, and States are going bankrupt. There is a shortage of Police officers, Sherriff’s deputies and other Security Forces. There is no funding to add more, and not much chance of getting any. Every year Congress has to approved deeper debt to income ratios. The response time in the cities for emergency services seems to be somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. In rural areas it can be much longer. In a true life or death emergency waiting for help is just not a viable option. Unlike the European and Asian countries that are always coming up as models for anti gun laws, we are a huge country! Most of these countries are more comparable to States within America! The travel time alone to reach someone in danger can make it nearly impossible to protect them.
    We can’t afford to fund the enforcement of the laws we already have on the books dealing with Gun Control. How in the world will we be able to fund new laws? When ever a new law is suggested to Congress, I think the sponsors owe it to the people to include the method for funding the enforcement and the potential budgeted amount for that funding.

  9. They Fed doesn’t need any new legislation because we are all pricing ourselves out of the market by hoarding. I live in St Louis MO and can’t find CCI 22 caliber 40gr round nose mini-max ammo for Kimber 45acp 22 conversion kit and that includes Cabela’s and Bass Pro stores near me. I have had no luck on internet finding this ammo. The ammo shelves in St Louis MO are empty of reasonably priced ($10) 9mm 115gr. There is plenty if you want to spend $14 to $16 a box. I remember when KelTec 223rem SU rifles sold for around $300 now there $850 or more. All the Fed has to do is keep talking about new gun control and by the end of year a 500 round brick of 556 or 223 rem will be $1000. I have let my Congressman and Senators know via their internet sites that any new legislation will only hurt law biding citizens and will never stop a deranged person from committing heinous crimes.

  10. It seems to me that most everyone is missing the point, it’s neither the rifle or pistol owner who is at fault but the medical community as a whole. They are the ones that need regulating as far as these incidents go. Failure to report psycholigically imballanced patients who show a tendency towards violence is the crilme. Set up a medical review board much like those used to involuntarily commit suicilde patients who pose a threat to themselves and others fefore taking away their right to posses firearms. As Rahm Emanuel said never let a tragedy go without taking advantage of it politically. This is what the president is doing by issuing 23 executive orders in violation of the Constitution which by the way would have done nothing to stop even one of these events. The firearms community needs to stop pointing fingers at Pistols vs. Rifles owners and point them at the Doctors who let these nuts to unreported.

  11. Obama’s response is a very typical knee jerk response. All it does is infringe on the freedoms of innocent individuals. I am hoping Congress will finally do some good and intervene.

    • The government tells us all to get flu shots to defend ourselves against germs but does not want us to have guns to defend ourselves against thugs, rapists, burglars, and other evil doers in addition to a potentially tyricanical government that has ordered a billion 40 cal rounds and in June of last year tried to order 7,500 AR 15 with 30 round magazines. This is Homeland Security and state side Departments ordering this stuff. Who do you think they will be using it on?

  12. As much as it’s not popular among gun owners, the only viable gun regulation proposed is the background check system for All Gun Sales & Transfers. Yes, it only affects Responsible, Law Abiding citizens. However, there are people who would be denied and I imagine many of us might know someone who would have been. We might even believe there is no reason for them to be denied. How many articles do we read a year about the nice neighbor, who woke up one day and eliminated their entire family? How many of you believe the government tells us 100% truth, 90%, 75% . . . . okay 50% ? These people are paid to to serve us, yet they lie to us openly and face to face. Is it possible that a family member or close friend might be lying about themselves being responsible, stable and legally capable of owning a weapon? Or maybe we are overlooking their character defects because we are close to them, but in the back of our mind we are saying, selling them a weapon is kind of creepy. No matter what system we put into place, there will always be some hole or over protective area within it. Part of the problem are the holes, part of it is enforcement of existing laws and part of the issue is poorly served justice. Those who murder need to be shown the exit. The insanity plea is Insanity. No One in Their Right Mind goes out and takes the life another except if it is in Self Defense or Sponsored by their Government & Military.

    • No one here at gun shows allowed to transfer a gun or deliver at the show. In fact bringing unknown guns into inventory is a good paper trail. Deliveries only at registered location. All guns must have FBI background checks. Table dealers must provide FFL to sell.

      ANY smart person will transfer through a dealer with that paper trail because if a criminal gets your gun, and uses it, you can bet who law enforcement comes for –YOU.

  13. We the people, are the second line of defense in this country, The Militia. We should be armed as well as possible against any threat!

  14. I have talked with my prisioners- They laugh.
    No paper has ever stopped them. In fact when restrictions or bans are in place they call it “EZ pickins”

    There was a shooting near a antigun rally in Chicago yesterday- gues what? ALL Guns are illegal there.. its true only the criminals have them- just like Mexico

  15. Obama, Biden, Finestein and all other gun-grabbing sob’s can go to hell! Molon Labe!! I will not give up ANY of my 2nd amendment rights if directed to by this marxist-socialist band of globalist bass-turds!

  16. As a Federal Firearms Licensee, I can’t see much benefit from any of President Obama’s 23 Executive Actions or the four points in his legislative agenda to stopping gun violence except possibly universal background checks. The real solution has to be addressing the vast number of illegal guns already in circulation. Go after the bad guys not the good guys. Newark, NJ reported that in the most recent 30 gun related homicides, only one was committed with a legal gun. Some things that could be done are increased community policing, targeted stings or some other innovative strategy focusing on areas where criminals operate. I suspect that this hasn’t been done because an innovative strategy would be too tough or costly to implement. Case in point: an NRA representative, Mr. Jim Baker, recently met with the Obama administration-directed firearm task force led by Vice-President Joe Biden. Baker suggested vigorously prosecuting existing gun laws pertaining to background information falsification. In response to Mr. Baker’s comments, Vice-President Biden said, “And to your point, Mr. Baker, regarding the lack of prosecutions on lying on Form 4473s (the background check form), we simply don’t have the time or manpower to prosecute everybody who lies on a form, that checks a wrong box, that answers a question inaccurately.” Biden said the administration just doesn’t have time to prosecute crimes (felonies punishable by up to a 10-year prison sentence) under existing laws, but is proposing a host of sweeping new laws. It seems as though the feel good, easy thing for the Administration is to go after law abiding true Americans.

  17. I sorry, but these people is stupid! It was bad enough to have these kids on stage reading those “letters”? Those idiotic 23 points, seemed to be written by the children too. I can’t digest that rational adults, took time and effort, to formulate that document. It seems that the brain work was submitted by Finestine. She was soooo into it that she dug up and re-submitted some rejected junk from 10 years ago. I think that the kids could have done better.

    And all this is because some nuts, who had nothing to do with the world of gun sports, did what nuts do(and we knew this would happen). How twisted mentally, can anyone be, to draw a connection between those people and the folks I associate with at the range? But the most disturbing is that all the anti-gun efforts are in direct opposition of the real world. More guns, less crime. Any place guns are banned, the people live in abject terror from the Govt as well as the criminals. It is nice to see that people are getting used to saying the “if Jews had guns, the holocaust would never have happened!” SAY IT LOUD AND OFTEN!!

  18. I support my Idaho Congressmen’s comments regarding the President’s proposed gun control initiatives that will require Congress’s approval. As a Federal Firearms Licensee and I can’t see the benefits from any of these proposals to stopping gun violence except possibly universal background checks. The real solution has to be addressing the vast number of illegal guns already in circulation. Go after the bad guys not the good guys. Newark, NJ reported that in the most recent 30 gun related homicides, only one was committed with a legal gun. Some things that could be done are increased community policing, targeted stings or some other innovative strategy that has not been considered or put forth. I suspect that this hasn’t been done because an innovative strategy would be too tough or costly to implement. The feel good, easy thing for the administration is to go after law abiding true Americans.

    Thank all of you for your support of our Second Amendment.

  19. Nothing obama signed into law via exec order would have prevented Stoneyhook. Last year about 12,600 murders occurred. 2% with rifles incl assault weapons. 4% with hammers and clubs. About 44% with handguns. Yet the libs, like Obama focus on the AR, and not the shooters. The last 4 mass shootings, the shooters were all taking anti-depressants, 3 were identified as mentally ill. Yet the libs and Obama focus on theAR. Why ? Clinton wrote a letter to the UN stating it was the intent of the US to ban firearms, and the lbs are holding true to that promise. I don’t think anything significant will become law, even Reid won’t touch it. So instead of a mentally ill killer using a 30rd mag he uses 3 each 10 rd mags. Takes 4 to 5 seconds to swap out mags on an AR, less with minimal practice. Obama wont ban any particular weapons, he knows that is a bridge too far, but he will try other ways. Think about this. All this reflexive insincere outrage by gun grabbers has accomplished has increased NRA rolls by 250,000 and counting, 220,000 additional new firearms are on the street, gun makers and dealers and trainers are getting rich and many more now have carry permits. As a smith and an FFL I say THANKYOU to the lib gun grabbing lunatics.

    • Yes, the pending legislations coming into effect have shaken up the nation. Gun sales have gone up quite a bit, and “assault weapon” prices have skyrocketed, doubled. An AR-15 that sold for $800 2 months ago is now over $1200. An cheap AK or WASR-10 that went for $500, is now o$1000 (I wished I got one when I had a chance!).

      The NRA has over 4 million members, which is about 10% of the total population. Quite a lot of voices and wallets and signatures out there to utilize! If you look back at the NRA’s track record, you’ll see how hard they fight for us, and it has really accomplished a lot in terms of ensuring we can own and keep firearms.

      However, there is one thing the NRA has little to no control over: Individual states can draft their own firearms laws. Look at NY, MA, CA, WA DC, some of the toughest and tightest firearms laws around. NY just passed new laws that banned the sale of all AR-15 style rifles, and if you already own one, you’ve got a year to register it with law enforcement. It cut magazine capacity to 7 (down from a whopping 10), requires all mental health professionals and facilities to report any patients displaying the intention or inkling of killing someone with a gun, and if substantiated, could confiscate that individual’s firearm if they own one. It requires background checks to BUY AMMO, and they flag you if you buy a large amount of ammo.

      NY did this suddenly and with little warning under the White Houses’s radar. Any other state could do the same. We are all afraid of a sweeping reform, what about close to home? Contact your senators, mayor, congressman/woman, encourage others to do the same. I did and their reply to me restates what the government is intending. That makes me nervous. I remember Brady. It discouraged me a little to know the government could do a repeat of 1968 and 1986. What’s stopping them from doing it now? See the pattern. Brady was injured protecting the President, not by an assault weapon, not by a shotgun, or a rifle, but by a little .22 pistol. Other mass-murders used handguns, like at Virginia Tech. He killed more people with handguns. Why isn’t anyone going after those? It will kill you just as dead as an AR-15. You can reload a 7-rnd. clip as fast as a 10, or 30 in a pistol or rifle. If a person is motivated, it doesn’t matter how big the clip is.

      I have prepared myself to follow the law. It’s my responsibility as a citizen. I don’t mind registering my firearms, which I own legally and have locked in a safe, letting cops know I have them. I am confident they won’t come take them away. The government is afraid of those types of things and there are lot of friendlies in the senate, congress, and supreme court who love their firearms too! I don’t think they will give them, or their rights up without s fight.

      I will keep fighting! It would be a big effort to take all our guns away and teeter on the verge of dictatorship, exercising absolute power. Obama will try, the libs will try, but I don’t think it will be enough to tip the balance of power. I am worried, but know that whatever happens, it won’t be because good and responsible firearms owners and advocates for freedom didn’t try!

      • There are over 315 million people in the USA.

        There are less than 4 million members in the NRA.

        That’s less than 1.2% of the population ~ maybe 2% of your voting adults -> a LOT less than that optimistic ” 10% ” claimed above..

        The NRA is no longer a democratic representative association for normal, everyday gun owners ~ these days it has morphed into an industry funded and owned commercial lobby group…

  20. Aside from taking the standard citizen political action steps to avoid any of this nonsense, there are things that can be done even if it does ‘become law’.

    We can peacefully resist – don’t surrender or register anything. The feds really do not have the money and manpower to confiscate, nor will they risk a civil war over it. A few ‘examples’ probably – likely me now that I’ve posted this – but it won’t go anywhere.

    Hide off premises everything you have that you think might be ‘off the radar’, and all your magazines and ammo for those guns. If you give it to friends or relatives to keep for you, they shouldn’t be gun owners as any confiscation efforts will eventually target us all.

    Remember jury nullification and make sure all your friends know about it. No juror is required under law to convict anybody, even if it is absolutely proven that they have broken a law. That is a Constitutional directive to prevent the passing of specious and malicious laws. Look at recent acquittals of people busted for pot offenses. Whether you agree with pot use or not, jury nullification works. If they can’t get convictions, they’ll stop wasting time and money on enforcement.

    Push your state legislatures to nullify any federal restrictions and to provide for prosecution and arrest of federal officers trying to enforce any nullified laws.

    These are probably not the only peaceful options, just what comes readily to mind. And notice I’m not even advocating non-peaceful resistance. That would definitely stop it all, but I don’t think any of us seriously want it to go that far, and I don’t think the feds do either.

  21. You are so right Oregon Kid. It’s all a show. Australia has seen a large increase in gun related crime since their confiscation program went into effect. They never had a category of crimes called “Home Invasion” until the people were disarmed. Home invasions have increased 20+ percent over the last year. People do not have a means of protecting life and property any more. They did not have a Bill of Rights in their national constitution that protects the right to keep and bear arms; they say we’re lucky because we do. AND DON’T GIVE IT UP! We must fight for our right to protect us from intruders into our home, schools, workplaces and GOVERNMENT.

    • THIS claim is false !!!

      I live in Australia at this time…

      It IS a lie being peddled by some NRA officials that gun crimes are up down here..

      The deaths due to shooting statistics have stayed pretty well static over the last couple of decades ~ there has NOT been any “large increase..” ~ THAT claim is an outright lie..

      As is that claim about home invasions ~ which also have NOTHING to do with gun laws. Home invasions existed before any crackdowns on gun ownership. And that 20% increase ISN’T for Australia, but for certain Asian communities in Sydney and Melbourne..

      Australians still have the same rights and means to self defence as they had 20 or 30 years ago ~ again, those claims by ‘Rodrob’ are simply garbage !

  22. I hope that, in addition to the specific gun regulation proposals, notice will be made of the Feds attempt to have States share more information, such as medical records, etc., with the Federal Government.
    The Federal Government desires dossiers on every single American citizen – and they probably already have these – but why should they have medical records as well? I hate to think why. For anybody’s protection? Hardly. But, IF the Government has assassination squads, which I’ve heard they DO, knowing the medical records of any “target” could mean they could use that data to simulate “death of natural causes.” Like, for example, if a free-thinker was a diabetic, they could bump him or her off with an overdose of insulin, say. If a person had visited a doctor and mentioned “depression,” they could easily make it seem like he or she committed suicide. Like Aaron Swartz recently?
    Hate to sound so paranoid, but enemies of the Constitution are also enemies of the citizenry, and “enemies” can get up to all sorts of mischief.

  23. It is quite bothersome to me that the media repeats the statement “40% of all guns are purchased without a background check” and never explains where this information comes from. I think that a good percentage of readers would believe this statement, because it is in print. I was quite amazed to learn that the “40%” is based on a telephone survey from 1993, basically of purchases that would have been made before the Brady Bill took effect and before multiple States changed their laws. In this survey (Guns in America) the authors commented about the conflicting statements they received and the said that “approximately” 60% to 70% of purchases were through an FFL (i.e. 30% to 40% were not). It is disingenuous on the part of Mayor Bloomberg and others to state as a fact any percent value because this survey is based on a set of conditions that no longer exist.

    Regarding criminal and weapons wouldn’t make sense to focus where they acquire them and which are most regularly used? The study “Firearm Use by Offenders” is very clear that pistols are the most commonly used (82%) and that rifles are the least (less than 8%). Of all the rifle crime, “military style weapons” are used in a small portion of that crime (under 2% of all crime). So why is so much attention being focused on weapons that occur in the least amount of crime? Is it that crimes with these weapons are on the rise, or that the media outlets just report it more often?

    It appears to me that the President is taking the easy way out by vilifying the “scary looking” rifles, and introducing whole new ways to further the agenda of minimizing 2nd Amendment rights.

  24. As with almost anything this ‘gentleman’ does it is ill conceived, ill thought, unworkable and will do nothing to control grime or criminals. It will only put more burdens on the gun industry, law abiding citizens, create more ‘red tape’ bureaucratic loopholes to trap the public, In other words it is a SHOW PIECE for the press, and the Liberals to indicate that He is doing SOMETHING to combat the ‘horrors’ of the ‘evil’ gun and its penchant for committing violence all on its own.

    As most of us realize criminals do not obey the law! That is why they are called criminals ;).

    As for the question – What is an Assault Weapon? A: Anything used to assault another individual.

    It could be a Rifle, Pistol, Revolver, Knife, Club, Rock, anything!

    When a screwdriver is used to ‘assault’ someone does it not then cease to be a tool and become a weapon?

    Common sense needs to become a less endangered species!

    I’m an old Jarhead and a retired Coastie and these are just my views on this.

  25. Legislation by executive order? Illegal. Let’s impeach obummer and put him in Guantanamo prison with all the other terrorists.


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