Free Printable Bug-Out Bag Packing List

FREE PDF Download of Printable Bug-Out Bag Packing List

A printable bug-out bag packing list
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Download this free PDF of a printable bug-out bag packing list to stay organized and prepared. Organization is the crux of preparedness, and bug-out bag packing lists are a critical component for maximizing limited resources. Print off multiple copies of this bug-out bag packing list for friends and family so they can be better prepared, too.

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Why are Bug-Out Bags Important?

Disasters can hit without warning, and it’s important to be prepared to evacuate quickly (aka “bugging out”). Depending on what’s available at the time of evacuation is not a reliable plan. Setting aside emergency supplies in a bug-out bag guarantees critical items will be on-hand when the worst happens.

Here’s what expert Dave Morelli wrote in his article on bug-out bag packing lists:

There is a lot of talk these days about putting together some sort of bug-out pack. I agree it is a good idea to be prepared for emergency, but there are a host of ideas as to what a bug-out pack is for.

Lots of folks think they could throw a minimal pack on their back, disappear from civilization and live happily ever after. The problem is only a few can do it. An argument could be made that the wise woodsman could make a living following these folks and using what they left behind after they expire. Whatever your reason is to bug out, having some minimal stuff and (most importantly) the knowledge to use it will be a deciding factor in your final outcome.

A bug-out bag packing list is the first step in making a customized plan tailored for your needs.

Have a Bag Yet?

Don’t have a bag yet? Kevin Michalowski offers these tips for selecting one from his feature about bug-out bag packing lists:

Before you can even start on a bug-out bag packing list, you need the bag. The new Alpha Ops Pack from Fieldline Tactical is sturdy and versatile, with plenty of room for all the stuff mentioned in this bug-out bag packing list and more. The Alpha Ops pack is also covered with MOLLE straps to help you organize even more stuff if you want to.

Two features of the bag are really helpful: it is hydration compatible and there is an area between the two main pocket to stuff items you want to get at or put away quickly. The pack did not come with a hydration bladder, but will accept most any bladder on the market. Get a bladder and insert it. You can fill it with clean water if you have time or you can fill it on the trail.

Still not convinced you need a bug-out bag? Maybe a look at a bug-out bag packing list will change your mind. After all, these are the most practical items you’ll need if the worst happens.

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