Learn Advanced Shooting With New Technical Rifleman eBook

Learn Advanced Shooting With New Technical Rifleman eBook

The Technical Rifleman eBook by Wayne van Zwoll.

In The Technical Rifleman, the latest e-book release from Gun Digest Books, rifle expert Wayne van Zwoll shares his best advice for mastering shooting basics and excelling at marksmanship.

From new gun owners to hunters to experienced shooters, The Technical Rifleman contains something of value for everyone. Wayne van Zwoll — an industry-leading author who has spent a lifetime in competitive shooting and hunting — showcases his experience as he thoroughly covers the technical aspects of rifle shooting in a conversational, engaging voice.

The eBook is the compilation of van Zwoll’s blog series of the same name on GunDigest.com. From milliradians and walnut stocks to exploding rifle chambers and disintegrating bullets, van Zwoll covers it all.

In addition to detailing the basics of rifle shooting, van Zwoll offers his favorite advanced shooting tips and guides readers through a how-to for choosing the best rifle based on hunting game preferences. Readers will also enjoy a tutorial on riflescope options and nomenclature.

The Technical Rifleman is available for purchase as an e-book at the Gun Digest Store and on Amazon.

The Technical Rifleman by Wayne van Zwoll, Gun Digest Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-4402-3656-3 ∙ Price: $7.99 ∙ E-Book

About Wayne van Zwoll
Wayne van Zwoll is a regular contributor to the Gun Digest annual, and author of Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to Rifles. He is a nationally recognized expert on rifles, optics and Western hunting.

About Gun Digest
Gun Digest is the world’s foremost authority on guns in print and online. In addition to Gun Digest the Magazine, the brand’s portfolio includes the Gun Digest Books line, Standard Catalog of Firearms, the GunDigest.com online community, and ecommerce specialty store, www.gundigeststore.com. For more information, visit gundigest.com, the Gun Digest Facebook page, or follow on Twitter @gundigest. Gun Digest is an imprint of Gun Digest Media.


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