Semi Auto Pistols Assembly/Disassembly

Gun in Parts? How to Put it Back Together

Whether you have a Colt 1911 or Walther P22 - or anything in between - if you like to clean and maintain your semi auto pistols yourself, this newly-revised edition of "Gun Digest Book of Automatic Pistols Assembly/Disassembly" makes it simple.

Classic Guns: Collecting Custom Rifles

Tom Turpin's new book, Custom Rifles: Mastery of Wood and Metal will be hitting the bookstores this month.  It's a handsome hardcover and heavy...
Custom Rifle Barrel Lathe

Explained: The Three Types of Custom Rifle Barrels

Learn about the three kinds of barrel rifling in this article about custom rifle barrels.
Free Gun Safety DVD NSSF

NSSF Offers Free Gun Safety DVDs

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is offering schools the opportunity to receive--free of charge--educational videos about firearm safety and wildlife conservation. The firearm safety...
Gunsmithing tools from Rimfire Assembly/Disassembly

Gunsmithing Mistakes: Avoid Making These Common Errors

Countless firearms, old and new, bear the marks, burrs and gouges that are the result of using the wrong tools for taking them apart. Here are several common gunsmithing mistakes to avoid.

Gunsmithing the AR: 3 Tips for Buffers & Recoil Springs

In "Gunsmithing: The AR-15," Patrick Sweeney shares tricks and information gathered over 25 years of shooting and wrenching on the AR-15. The following tips are from the chapter on buffers and recoil springs.
Ruger Auto pistol

Is Your Ruger Pistol in Pieces?

The resident gunsmith here at GD tells me that a lot of people show up with their Ruger Standard Auto pistol in pieces, in a box. If that describes your Ruger pistol assembly situation, we're here to help.

Colt LE901-16S: From 5.56 to 7.62 in 30 Seconds


How-To Hand Stipple to Get a Grip On Plastic Guns

How to hand stipple the stocks of your polymer-framed pistol for a better grip.

Keep Your Bolt Running Right

When was the last time you paid any attention to the bolt on your bolt-action rifle? New tools now make routine maintenance much simpler.

Building a National Match AR

The author builds a National Match AR from parts to be used in CMP competition.

Former Prison Guard finds Happiness, Success and Profit Gunsmithing

Jan-Steven Merson had a job that paid the bills, but his passion for firearms spurred him to make a career change. These courses by AGI helped him accomplish his goal.

Video: Set Up Your Scope for Success

The National Shooting Sports Foundation's (NSSF) Ryan Cleckner shows you how to properly set up your rifle and scope combination so that it naturally aligns with your eye.

Colt Woodsman Sport (First Issue)

Clean and maintain your Colt Woodsman Sport (First Issue). This Automatic Pistols Assembly/Disassembly download makes it simple, thanks to author J.B. Wood's expertise, step-by-step instructions and crisp photography.

Gunsmithing: Can You Improve the M-1 Carbine?

While the M-1 Carbine has been denigrated for lack of stopping power and inaccuracy, it has a lot going for it and, yes, it can even be improved.

ATF ‘Project Gunwalker’ Now ‘an international incident’

“FLASH! The government of Mexico has formally asked the United States for details of the ATF operation ‘Fast and Furious’!” Mike Vanderboegh reported yesterday morning on the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog.


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