Disaster Preparedness: Living a Healthy Lifestyle is Key

Disaster Preparedness: Living a Healthy Lifestyle is Key


Living a Healthy Lifestyle Equals Disaster Preparedness

Disaster statistics pretty firmly show the relationship between health and the ability to make it through disaster situations. The elderly and sick, for instance, face the far greatest risks after disasters strike.

The deaths caused by Hurricane Katrina very clearly show that fact. The majority – about 71 percent – of deaths in Louisiana attributable to Hurricane Katrina involved victims 60 or older. About 47 percent of those were older than 75.

This proves that survival, regardless of anything else, requires some levels of physical ability and well-being. To be blunt, the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are that you get to keep living.

But are Preppers Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

Preppers are often as guilty as the next when it comes to ignoring fitness needs.

There are certainly some out there who, while otherwise dedicated to the preparation lifestyle, fail to steer clear from the many unhealthy traps that tempt the majority. They’re working against themselves.

Those who exercise, eat well and have some great healthy living habits would very likely be in a far better position to get through a disaster.

Many might have that full array of gear that was carefully planned under the rule of threes to meet any number of situations. They’re still in a losing position should they
have high blood pressure, cholesterol issues and require a variety of medications.

Without proper fitness, preparations might only provide a really nice collection of tools and supplies for someone else who kept his body in far better physical condition.

What does it mean to be in shape?

“In shape” isn’t quite as easy to define as “out of shape.” There’s a very elementary way to illustrate what it means to have an appropriate level of fitness for survival or disaster recovery: “round” isn’t among the shapes that’ll cut the muster when trouble is calling.

Those looking to make their way through tough times don’t need chiseled bodies. But they should all follow some sort of blueprint for healthy living, striving to have lean frames and some muscle.

Those working through a survival situation or disaster recovery would come to realize efforts aren’t a matter of strength on some occasions and endurance during others.

Both would often come to play at the same time. The bug-out bag provides an example. Mine has a diverse assortment of goods addressing shelter, water and food and weighs in at just more than 40 pounds.

For many folks, that doesn’t sound like all that much. Then again, 40 pounds while standing in place carries a far different feeling than 40 pounds while on the move. That 40-pound bag feels far heavier after that first mile, and its stress on the body only increases with every step forward.

The bug-out bag might not be the lone weightlifting you will encounter while out on the move. I remember having my 4-year-old son in tow a number of years back while taking the five-mile walk over Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge. He did his best and I gave the youngster due credit, but by the time we were about a mile and a half into the walk, he didn’t have another drop of energy to give. I had to carry him the rest of the way.

Get Started on Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Building cardiovascular health is the primary task for those getting started with living a healthy lifestyle. As a very basic yardstick, anyone in their 40s or 50s should still be able to walk five to 10 miles without much of a struggle.

Those in that age group who aren’t at that place should make a point to get moving whether it’s a brisk walk or jog on a regular basis. You should always go a bit farther than comfortable and allow the body to build.

Your own blueprint for healthy living will look different from anyone else. The only requirement is that you follow it. You'll have the best chance of beating the odds when disaster strikes.

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